10 tips to help you save money on your broadband


If you’ve been with the same broadband provider for years, the chances are you’re shelling out more than you need to each month. Here are 10 tips to help you save money and get more bang from your buck when switching provider:

1. Compare broadband

Even if you’re happy with your broadband, there’s never any harm in having a look at what else is on offer. Compare broadband with a website accredited by Ofcom, the UK communications regulator, to get an accurate, easy to understand and up to date idea of what deals are available where you live.

2. Read the small print

Everybody signs things without reading them sometimes, but doing so can be an expensive mistake if you’re not careful. Always check the terms and conditions of broadband packages before signing up and ask the provider about anything you’re unsure of. Take a note of when the deal expires, so you know when to start shopping around again.

3. Pick the best provider

It’s great to save money, but if it comes at a cost – like not getting the kind of broadband speeds you need – you can end up worse off than when you started if you have to switch before you minimum contract term is up. The most important thing is to pick a provider you feel can deliver everything you’ll need, whether it’s speed, unlimited usage or extras like TV.

4. Choose the right package

There’s little point in saving a few pounds each month if your broadband’s too slow to run BBC iPlayer or whatever it is you want to use online. Think about your household – how many people and devices are connecting all at once? And how much streaming or downloading do you do? Then make sure you get a package that can support your online activity.

5. Learn the jargon

Don’t know the difference between megabits (Mb) and megabytes (MB)? Search online for a broadband jargon buster, as it’s easier to make an informed decision when you’ve got a decent grip on the lingo providers use in their adverts.

6. Bundle it all together

It’s almost always cheaper to bundle your broadband, TV and home phone with one provider instead of taking them separately from two or three different companies. When you compare broadband, think about whether you want TV and phone calls as well and, if you do, what channels you want and when you make calls.

7. Check for hidden costs

Before you sign up to a great sounding deal, check to make sure there aren’t any extra costs you might’ve overlooked, such as installation and set-up fees, as your overall value for money might suffer when the hidden costs are factored in. Another thing to watch out for is offers that expire after the first few months of your contract, leaving you paying more each month for the remainder of a 12 or 24-month agreement.

8. Don’t forget line rental

Line rental can often cost more than the broadband package itself, so the price you’ll be paying for your phone line each month is definitely something not to overlook.

9. Think about service

Some providers, like Plusnet, are well known for having better customer service than others, so if that’s important to you, read customer reviews online – you’ll often find them on comparison websites – to make sure you’re getting the whole picture of how they perform in that department.

10. Switch and switch again

Broadband providers save their best deals for attracting new customers, so often you lose out by staying loyal to one company.Make a note of when your contract expires, then you’ll know when you’re free to shop around again so you can save money year after year.

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  1. I was tied up for a 3 year contract for my internet provision and at first I was happy with their service, but after a year their I’m not happy anymore. So last year, I decided not to renew my contract again and transferred to another internet provider.

  2. It also is worth checking with your cable provider to see if a better deal is offered too. Example: Right now I have 30mbps at a certain price. Turns out, they just increased their fastest speed to 60mbps for the price I’m paying now, and dropped the 30mbps price per month. BUT, they don’t automatically drop your price because I’m under a plan contract. I have to call and explicitly ASK for a change in speed (for the same price) or for the new pricing structure for the speed I have (save money each month). Crazy, huh?

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