3 Companies Who Offer Car Insurance Tailored for Women


In the past, it used to be possible for women to get cheaper car insurance than men simply due to gender. Since an EU equality directive back in 2012, however, this practice is now no longer allowed and women are no longer able to be offered better car insurance quotes based on gender alone. What car insurance companies are allowed to do, however, is tailor their offerings so that they are more attractive and applicable to female drivers.

With all of the above in mind, which are the most popular car insurance companies that specifically tailor their policies for women, and what exactly do they offer? Here are 3 of the most well-known perks offered by these companies.

Go Girl

If you’re a netball fan then there’s a good chance that you’ll have heard of Go Girl*, as they are the current sponsors of the UK women’s netball team. To tailor their offering towards women drivers, Go Girl have included a few features that aren’t always covered by a standard insurance policy. These include £200 worth of Handbag cover if your handbag and its contents are stolen from your vehicle. They also offer Child Car Seat Cover – which will pay towards the cost of a replacement car seat if you are involved in an accident. The car seat cover can be really important as child car seats can suffer structural damage even when they are involved in a minor accident, but the signs might not always be visible and not all insurers will cover this. On top of the above, Go Girl also offer Free Legal Cover, a Free Courtesy Car, Personal Accident Cover, Windscreen Cover and an Uninsured Driver Promise with all comprehensive policies.


Diamond are another company who also tailor their car insurance offering towards women, including cover such as Handbag Cover, Child Car Seat Cover and Courtesy Car Cover with their policies. Not only this but they also offer something called a Bonus Accelerator for all drivers to help them build up their no claims bonus quicker. This may be especially attractive to young drivers who haven’t yet built up any no claims. The Bonus Accelerator is basically a policy that runs for 10 months instead of 12 but you get a full year’s no claims bonus at the end of it.

Sheilas’ Wheels

Finally we come to probably the most well-known insurer of the bunch, Sheilas’ Wheels. We’ve all seen the adverts for this company, haven’t we? When it comes to policy features, Sheilas’ Wheels offer similar features to the other 2 insurers mentioned above, including Handbag Cover and a courtesy car. They also offer a counselling service for you and your family members if you are involved in an accident.

Which Should You Choose?

So there we have it, 3 UK car insurance companies who specifically tailor their product to women. Which one you decide to go for will obviously depend on which company you feel has the best features for you combined with who offers you the best quote, but we hope we’ve gone some way to helping you with your search.

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