3 Cost-Effective Ways To Promote Your Pop Up Shop


There isn’t one key way to creating a successful pop up shop, there are many. Having a great idea, product or service and design will certainly be part of your make or break but they’ll mean nothing if you can’t get people in the door.

In order to attract attention and gather a crowd by creating buzz around your pop up shop, without spending a huge budget, you need to advertise in the most effective ways possible.

Here are three cost clever ways to promote your pop up shop.

Use print: affordable and effective

Print might not be the growing industry that it once was, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still an effective method when used carefully. While there are a number of ways to use print to promote your pop up shop, poster printing remains a powerful one for street level advertising.

Posters, like flyers, give shoppers a tangible way to notice your pop up shop. Using a smart design and clearly displayed details of your location, you will be able to entice those out and about to stop by. A large run of poster printing can easily be done on a small budget. You can save by using the same design for posters and flyers, getting your brand out there at street level.

If you are planning an opening or launch event for your pop up shop, then poster advertising will be key to highlighting the date, time and any promotional offers that will be available on the day.

Use social media to engage with your audience

Online marketing is another important way of engaging with your potential audience. A press release or e-marketing campaign will help promote your pop up, but this is often a one way communication.

Find potential customers, while promoting your pop up shop directly, by using social media. Not only is it free but you can find local brands and bloggers to engage with easily. Brands have taken to using social media platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest to engage with users on a personal level.

Social media is also a great place to scope our relevant news sites and blogs that talk about your pop up shop industry. Whether your pop up is a vegan bakery, fair trade clothes store or fine dining takeaway, you can find niche writers to invite to review your event. Invite bloggers to your opening night, enticing them with free gifts or tasters and an experience, to create organic sharing by reaching their real readerships.

Network with local businesses

Network with other businesses as they will understand the need to promote small up and comers.

Making sure to network with other shops, stores and bars in the area of your pop up will gain you support and promote your business, even bringing more shoppers to the area.

Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool and one that can’t truly be bought. Invite local owners and shop workers to your opening night or to pop by and say hi, if they like what you’re selling then they are sure to tell their family and friends about you.

Promoting your pop up shop will take plenty of initial work, but once you’ve gained momentum you may find that your pop up shop starts to speak for itself.

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