3 ways to boost your bank balance in time for summer


We all love to enjoy the sunshine and most of us also like to take a break away somewhere when those summer months arrive. The rising cost of living however is making the summer holidays a time of stress for many people, rather than a time of relaxation as they desperately try and scrape together the funds to pay for that well-earned holiday. If this sounds like a familiar story to you then what can you do in order to boost your bank balance in time for the summer holidays? Here are 3 ideas for you to consider.

Start Side Hustling

Side Hustling is one of the easiest ways available to build up some quick extra cash, and now that we all have the internet on hand, you don’t necessarily have to go from door to door with a bucket and sponge or a lawn mower either. If you only want to earn some extra money as a short term thing, then why not check out a site like Fiverr. Here you will see the many ways that people are utilising their skills – or even just their time – to make some extra cash on the side. Some even do things as simple as filming a 5 minute product video for those who don’t have the confidence to do it themselves, or even just posting a review of a product on a website. If you also have any kind of design or computing skills then there is a definite opportunity to earn some extra cash on a site like this and who knows, it might even build up into being your full time gig.

Sell your Old Gadgets

Technology moves on so quickly these days, doesn’t it? As much as I don’t like to waste money trying to keep up with technology, it is very difficult to stay away from it completely. It doesn’t have to be a simple story of frivolous waste though. There’s an opportunity to recoup some of the money you’ve spent on technology too.

Do you have any old gadgets lying around the house for example, gadgets that you just don’t use anymore? Or maybe you have upgraded to a more current model? If you do then you might want to visit a site like Cash in your Gadgets to see how much you could sell your old gadgets for. If you have ever sold an old iPhone you will likely know that second hand technology can equal big bucks. So if you have some old gadgets lying around then this could go some way to boosting your bank balance in time for the summer months.

Do Without for a Bit

Okay, so this one might require a little sacrifice. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you don’t get something for nothing’, haven’t we? If you’ve already had a good clear out of all of your stuff, and you’re also exhausting just about every side hustle you can think of, then if you really want to improve your bank balance in time for the summer it might be worth trying to cut back on a few areas of spending too. Areas like takeaway food, commuting costs and any other ‘vices’ you may have could seem like a good place to start when trying to make some savings.

If you are used to having takeaway food at the weekend and this costs you £20+ each weekend, then you could easily save a good few hundred pounds by cutting this one luxury out for a few months in order to afford that summer break away. Then you could jump on your bike and cycle to work for a few months too, rather than spending money on fuel or public transport. This could give you another few hundred pounds of cash to put into your savings account. If we then finish the job off by cutting down on other unnecessary expenditure or so called ‘vices’, well it’s clear to see that saving an extra £1000+ over the next few months ready for the summer break might not be as unachievable as you at first thought.

Do you have any other ideas for boosting your bank balance in time for summer?

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  1. All of these are very workable and can make an increase to your bank account a reality. Sacrifice is what has to work behind the scene to make it work. People would be amazed if they just cut back on things how much money they could save. Great post.

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