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4 Services Every Small Business Can Benefit From


Being a small business owner can occasionally be a lonely job. One of the first things any successful entrepreneur needs to learn is how to effectively delegate responsibility to those around them, whether that be their employees or outsourcing to third-parties entirely. This will allow you to better focus on your core-operations. Here are four services that almost any small business can benefit from, regardless of their area of expertise.

Accounting Software

One of the most common challenges new business owners face is dealing with the added financial responsibilities. However, while you may prefer to spend your time thinking of new ways to improve your product, this is an essential part of running a successful company. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, there are several great pieces of accounting software that make tasks like tracking your income, paying your employees, and estimating your future taxes simpler than ever. QuickBooks is one of the most popular example of these applications. Plans start from just £6 a month and there’s also a 30-day free trial.

Customer Service

Providing quality customer service is not only an everyday part of the business, but it can also be a powerful means to differentiate your company from the crowd. Start by thinking about how you can tailor this part of your business around consumer habits. Social media marketing has become big business for all kinds of different companies, but for many online shoppers platforms like Twitter have also become the go-to destination for customer service-related enquiries. Not only are they already familiar with these websites from their personal use, but they can also find the answer to their questions much faster than traditional means.

Cloud Storage

Even small startups can quickly start to amass large quantities of data. Finding a cloud storage plan to suit your needs is essential in the modern age. Not only will it be much easier to organise your information, but you’ll also be able to access it from a variety of different devices, such as another PC outside the office or your smartphone while you’re on the move. While most providers, like Microsoft or Dropbox, offer free tiers to get you started, you’ll want to invest in a larger plan as you move forward. Business users on Microsoft’s OneDrive service can even incorporate their Office 365 subscription into their storage plans.

Third-Party Couriers

Finally, the advent of the internet has seen a tremendous rise in online shopping. According to recent statistics, e-commerce spending in the UK is expected to reach €174 billion this year, more than any other country in Europe. Finding the right logistics partner is not only essential for B2C focused entities though. B2B activities such as sending test samples or forwarding important documents can also benefit massively from services like express delivery. Companies like TNT* offer a range of services in this area, including both local and international delivery. In some instances, ensuring that these interactions run smoothly could be the difference between forming an advantageous relationship or missing out on a contract entirely.

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