4 ways to reduce your monthly expenses


Your fixed monthly expenses are always going to take up the majority of your income, one of the best ways to get on top of your finances is by taking control of these expenses, reducing  these then gives you the freedom elsewhere to save or pay off your debt quicker.

Here are four ways in which you can easily reduce your monthly expenses:

1. Credit Card Balance Transfers

This often sounds quite daunting, however as it credit cards are one of the highest costing forms of credit it is something you should always keep on top of. Balance transfer credit cards offer you the opportunity to take your current credit card balance and place it on a new card with a lower interest rate or potentially just a better all round deal. If you look for a balance transfer credit card with long period of 0% interest you could not only reduce your monthly expenses but also the overall costs of the credit, such as Barclaycard’s 28 month deal! You will typically be charged a fee, a percentage of your balance when you transfer so make sure you also compare these as well as the interest free term!

Example savings: A £1500 debt, paid off at £100 per month will take you 18 months to clear on a 19% APR credit card, switching to a 0% interest deal you could pay off your debt at £100 per month in 15 months. By spreading your payments across a 28 month deal you could reduce your monthly repayment to £57 per month, saving you £43 without being charged more in interest!

2. Remortgage

Currently mortgages are available at some of their cheapest ever rates and with deals such as fee free mortgages it is worth taking a look at just how much you could save on your monthly repayments by switching! The best way to do this would be to use a mortgage advisor, ideally one offering free advice, so if they can’t find you a better deal than what you already have then you haven’t wasted any money!

Example savings: On a £150,000 mortgage, at 4% you are likely to be paying approximately £800 per month, the Chelsea Building Society offer a 1.99% fixed rate mortgage and monthly repayments will be £709, saving you £91 per month!

3. Compare Utility Deals

Don’t become too complacent with your utility providers, some people tend to stick with the same gas and electricity provider for years even though they are aware that they are not the cheapest deal on the market! Gas and electricity companies now offer switching services, all you need to do is fill in the online forms, submit your meter readings and they will do all the hard work for you! Find a price promise deal that will mean you are always going to get the best deal or use a price comparison site to compare all of the available utility deals on the market.

4. Don’t forget the small expenses

It may be easy to forget the £6 Netflix subscription, the £5 Lovefilm subscription as well as any others you may have, but these could quickly add up and take a larger proportion of your budget than you may expect! Take time to evaluate whether you need all of the subscriptions you have, if you have a busy period, why not cancel your account for a few months until you have time to use it properly? If you shop for groceries online you may be paying anywhere from £3 to £6 every time you order your food however Tesco and Asda are now offering monthly passes which means you can get your groceries delivered to you however many times you require during the month from only £7.50!  With a normal £4 delivery slot each week you could save approximately £60 over the course of six months.

5 Responses to 4 ways to reduce your monthly expenses

  1. These are all great tips for reducing expenses. When it comes to reducing expenses, I like the “leave no stone unturned” approach, which appears to be what you are also a fan of. There are tons of ways to lower your expenses even if you have to get create and evaluate a variety of different things to cut out.

  2. Great ideas. I like the way you’ve focused on the items that will allow you to save money without altering the standard of your life.

    These changes are likely to last the distance because they don’t involve any personal sacrifice.

    In fact, the greatest danger is inertia, allowing things to remain because you can’t be bothered to change them.

    • Great point Stuart. Even if you can save just £30 or £40 a month, that’s still money that can be spent on things that will actually benefit you. Or better yet it can be saved or invested.

  3. MoneyAhoy says:

    No two folks are alike. I think folks should make a pareto of all their expenses and begin to attack them head on… Focus on making the top bars the most efficient and work your way down.

    It was hugely successful for me to realize where we were spending most of our money so that we could create action plans to address.

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