4 Ways Tradespeople Can Get More Business

4 Ways Tradespeople Can Get More Business


While it’s true that the amount of work available for tradespeople can vary drastically depending on the economic climate at the time and whether certain skills are in high demand or not, it’s also true that there are things that every tradesman or tradeswoman can do to increase their chances of finding work, no matter what the economy looks like.

In this post, we discuss 4 powerful ways by which tradespeople can increase their business and start to see an uptick in work in not much time at all.

Build an Online Presence

While once of a day the first thing potential customers would have done when they wanted to find a tradesman was to open the Yellow Pages, these days, things are very different. Nowadays most people just whip out their smartphones and head straight for Google. Tradespeople should no longer ignore the importance of having an online presence for their business. if you don’t already have one, the first thing you will want to do is to set up a website. This can be done cheaply and easily by using a DIY website builder like MyWebsite from 1&1 Internet*, or if you have some money to spend then you could also find a web designer* to do it for you.

Once you have your website up and running, you will want to make sure the you are showing up in Google’s local listings by signing up for their Google My Business service. You can use Google My Business without a website but I personally feel it’s better to have a website in place, just so that customers can click through and easily see what your business is all about. It also helps you to look more legitimate when you have a website with your address and contact details listed. Other search engines like Bing and Yahoo also offer similar services, so you will want to get listed with these sites too. One other great tip is to try and get your satisfied customers to review your business with services like Google My Business, as this will go a long way to increasing your chances of gaining more work through local Google listings.

Sign up to Websites like Rated People

If potential customers don’t head for Google when they are looking for a tradesman online, there’s a good chance it’s because they’re heading to a site like Rated People* instead. On Rated People, customers can read reviews of registered tradespeople from other customers who have used that tradesperson or company before. This has obvious benefits for the customer, as they can easily see which tradespeople are the most trustworthy and reliable based on their reviews. If you can build a good reputation on a site like Rated People, then this could lead to a large increase in the amount of business coming your way. You can sign up with Rated People here*.

Use Social Media

I know it seems like the methods we’re mentioning so far in this post all involve online promotion, but this is simply because the world is heading this way and has been for a long time now. For this reason, we should now talk about social media.

The next time you are out and about, take a moment to look around and see just how many people are staring down at their mobile phones or tablets! Most of these people will be using some kind of social network be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or others. Imagine the potential market you could tap into if you could manage to get a foothold or following for your business on one or more these social networks. To find out more about how to get started using social media to promote your business, check out this page on the government’s own ’Great Business’ website.

Don’t Forget Tried and Tested Methods

Of course, you should never overlook tried and tested methods to promote your business. We’re talking about marketing methods which have worked for centuries and will continue to work for the foreseeable future. Spending a little money to get some professional and unique business cards, leaflets or other business stationary produced by a company like Moo.com* could pay dividends if it helps your business to stand out amongst the crowd. You also shouldn’t overlook the free advertising that could be yours for years to come if you were to spend a little money on professional van signage. Finally, make sure that you are listed in local business directories both online and offline. A free listing on a website like Yell.com could be the easiest bit of free advertising you will ever come across.

If You Stand Still, Then You’re Falling Behind

As you can see from the tips mentioned in this post, we feel that making use of internet websites and social networks is a must if you want to increase your business in our fast-moving and connected world. While this may push you out of your comfort zone, the rewards could be well worth the effort as it could bring you a steady stream of income for many years to come.

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