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4Paws Pet Insurance Review


In this 4Paws pet insurance review, we look at what the company has to offer pet owners like us.

We’ll see what types of cover 4Paws* offer, as well as what levels of cover they have available. Then we’ll take a look at some of the vet fee limits and explain how their different policies work.

Finally, we’ll see how 4Paws existing customers and industry bodies rate them.

Let’s begin with a little bit of basic info about the company.

Who are 4Paws?

4Paws has been offering pet insurance to customers since 2017. They are based in Harrogate and they provide insurance for dogs, cats and rabbits.

4Paws is a brand name of NCI Insurance Services Limited. Their policies are underwritten by insurance firms Aviva and Covéa.

What Types of Cover Do 4Paws Offer?

4Paws offer 3 types of pet insurance cover, these being Time Limited, Maximum Benefit and Lifetime Cover.

Within the different types of cover there are also various vet fee limits, some of which have limits on individual conditions. These vary depending on which level of cover you select.

Let’s look at each cover type to explain this a little better.

4Paws Time Limited Cover

4Paws Time Limited cover* is the most basic type of cover they offer. It is designed as a low-cost, budget pet insurance policy for those looking for a cheap cover option.

A Time Limited policy does just what its name implies. If your pet suffers a new injury or illness, you can claim for the condition either up to the vet fees limit or up to 365 days (12 months), whichever comes first.

Once either the vet’s fees limit or the 365 day limit has been reached, cover then ends for that condition and it can no longer be claimed against the insurance.

With 4Paws Time Limited cover there is just one level of cover available. The vet fee limit on this policy is £3,000 per condition.

4Paws Maximum Benefit Cover

4Paws Maximum Benefit cover* is the next step up from the Time Limited cover.

With Maximum Benefit cover there is no time limit on claims. Instead, you can keep on claiming for any injury or illness up to the monetary policy limit, as long as you renew your policy and your premiums are kept up to date.

Please do not get this confused with lifetime cover which we’ll be discussing next, as your vet fees limit does not refresh when your policy renews.

So, say your policy started on the 1st of January 2020 and your dog is diagnosed with a condition in April 2020. Then imagine 4Paws pays out £500 of a possible £2000 in 2020. As long as you renew your policy on the 1st of January 2021, you can continue to claim the remaining £1500 for that condition in 2021 too. When the full £2000 has been claimed though, you can’t claim for that condition anymore as you will have reached your ‘Maximum Benefit’ for the diagnosed condition.

There are 3 different levels of cover available to choose from with Maximum Benefit cover. These range from £2000 all the way up to £7000 for vet fees cover. Which one you choose might well depend on your budget but please think about what cover level will meet you and your pet’s demands and needs. As we can see from the example above, higher maximum cover limits may prove to be very useful if you need to make a claim for a long term (ongoing) condition.

4Paws Maximum Benefit cover also comes with extra benefits when you compare this with Time Limited cover. These include:

  • Complementary treatment
  • Death from injury
  • Death from illness
  • Advertising and reward costs
  • Boarding fees
  • Holiday cancellation costs

4Paws Lifetime Cover

4Paws’ most comprehensive level of cover is their Lifetime cover.

A 4Paws Lifetime Policy* comes with all the benefits of the Time Limited and Maximum Benefit policies, plus a little more too.

The main benefit is that with a 4Paws Lifetime policy – the vet fee limit refreshes each and every year; this is as long as you renew your policy and your premiums are kept up to date.

To use our earlier example again, let’s imagine your dog were to be diagnosed with a long term condition in April 2020. During your policy year you claim £1750 of a maximum £2000 available for that condition. With Lifetime cover, if you renew on your policy renewal date, you will then be able to claim the full £2000 again the following year too. This can be done year after year.

There are 6 different levels of cover available for you to choose from with Lifetime cover. They range from £4,000 all the way up to £12,000, depending on which cover level you choose.

For three of the cover levels, 4Paws have also come up with a way to help you reduce the cost of your policy premium. If you agree to pay 30% of the cost of each claim, then 4Paws will reduce your premium as a result. To find out by how much, take a few minutes to get a quote.

4Paws Lifetime cover also comes with the following extra benefits. The monetary limits on these extra benefits are higher with Lifetime Cover than they are with Maximum Benefit cover. You can see by how much in the table below:

4Paws Rabbit Cover

4Paws Rabbit cover works slightly differently to what we’ve outlined above.

For rabbits, 4Paws* only offer a Lifetime Policy and there is only one level of vet fees cover on offer. This has a £2000 limit which refreshes each year at your policy renewal.

There is also a cover of £750 should your rabbit require complementary treatment, £250 for boarding fees and £250 for advertising and reward should your rabbit ever be lost or stolen.

4Paws Reviews

So now it’s time to see what others have had to say about 4Paws, including their current and past customers. The first thing to note is that the popular review website Feefo has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating for 4Paws. This is based on ratings from 4Paws customers.

Some of the comments left by customers on Feefo include:

4Paws also gained a 5 star Defaqto rating on some of their cover options in 2020. These include their Life Plus, Life Premium and Maximum Benefit £7000 policies.


We hope that you’ve found the information in this 4Paws pet insurance review useful.

Backed by two insurance giants and with plenty of good online reviews from customers and industry bodies alike, 4Paws should certainly be worth your consideration.

It’s quick and easy to get a quote online* and there are policy options to suit every budget. 

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