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5 Places to Buy Unique Gifts Online

One of the major benefits of the huge growth in online shopping over recent years is that it has opened up markets which simply may not have been profitable for companies to explore in the days before they were able to sell online.

Take the selling of personalised or unique gifts for example. In the past, it would likely have been difficult for a company to build a business of any real scale selling purely personalised or unique gifts in a localised area. Now that retailers are able to sell online, though, we’ve seen many online personalised and unique gift shops spring up online offering all sorts of individual, unique and sometimes wacky gifts.

Here are some of the biggest and best UK online retailers of these sorts of products for you to check out if you’re looking for a special gift that will excite and impress!

Not on the High Street

Whenever my wife and I have received a personalised gift in recent years, it has almost always come from Notonthehighstreet.com, so I thought this retailer should sit at the top of this list. Not on the High Street has just reached its 10th year of trading and it is a multi-award winning online retailer. They have over 30,000 unique products on offer which come from over 1,500 of the UK’s most creative small businesses and designers.


Zazzle is a website that I came across more recently as I was looking into ways to sell your own designs online by putting them onto t-shirts, mugs and greetings cards etc. As well as selling their own products, Zazzle allows individuals who have a flair for design to create and sell their own product designs, without having to do any of the manufacturing themselves. Buyers can also create their own one-off gifts too.


I Want One of Those or IWOOT is a website which is full of unique gifts ideas, with the site’s design appearing to lean towards gadget, technology and Sci-Fi related gifts. They also have an ‘Experience Day’ section and a category titled ‘Gifts for Geeks’, which we’ve written about in the past on this blog.

Prezzy Box

PrezzyBox is a retailer I only came across while researching this post but they are certainly not a small one by any means. Their website contains a huge selection of gifts including unusual gifts, cool gift ideas and personlised gifts too!


I still get amazed when people tell me that they haven’t heard of Etsy before, as they are just so big now. Perhaps I’ve only heard of them because I’m online so much, though. Etsy is a kind of eBay for sellers of handmade or bespoke items. As the site has expanded over recent years, so have the different types of products on offer. Etsy is a place where you can ‘discover items you can’t find anywhere else’, as their homepage proudly boasts.

So, there we have it, 5 places to find unique and interesting gifts online! We hope the list helps you to find the perfect gift for your friend or loved one.

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2 Responses to 5 Places to Buy Unique Gifts Online

  1. I’ve used notonthehighstreet.com, it’s a great website with cool products that make amazing gifts!
    Eva @ Girl Counting Pennies recently posted..50 Effective Ways to Cut Spending and Start SavingMy Profile

    • Adam Buller says:

      Hi Eva! Yeah we’ve had some lovely gifts from there. A friend of ours gave us a hanging wall piece with a map of our favourite place on the front, we look at it regularly and it really is a nice addition to the living room.

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