5 Tips to Lower Your Mobile Phone Bill

5 Tips to Lower Your Mobile Phone Bill


We all love our mobile phones, but these days they can be expensive! So how can you cut the cost and get a cheaper mobile phone contract? Here are 5 tips to help you do just that.

Tip 1 – Check Your Usage

If you bought a 4 pint milk carton each week but only ever used a quarter of it, you’d quickly figure out that you could save money by buying a smaller carton, right?

For some reason, though, many people don’t do this with their mobile phone deals. Often, people spend way more than they need to by paying for a monthly package that is much bigger than they actually need. If you only use an average of 2GB of data each month, for instance, then continually paying for 10GB every month can simply be a waste of money. The same can be true with your minutes or texts.

One rider to this is if you have certain months where you know you’ll use a lot more than your average. Perhaps when you go on holiday and have no access to wifi, for example. Costs can soon add up when you go over your contract allowances. In this case, you can usually still survive on a lower price contract by choosing a mobile provider that offers extra monthly bolt ons to your usual data deal. Or, by finding one who allows unused data to rollover to future months.

Tip 2 – Call Your Broadband Provider

It’s also worth calling up your broadband provider to see if they can offer you a better deal on your mobile phone. Many big broadband providers are now in the mobile phone space too, and offer discounts on mobile phone contracts to existing customers.

As an example BT Mobile* currently offer BT Broadband customers a £5 monthly discount on mobile plans.

Tip 3 – Ask for a Loyalty Deal

Before moving to a new mobile network, it is always worth calling up your current provider first.

Many providers offer upgrade deals via their online platforms, but there is often a better deal to be had. Get on the phone and tell them you are thinking of leaving but that you wanted to see what they could offer you first. You might be surprised with what they come up with.

While you’ll be in a better position to negotiate when your contract is nearing its end, you don’t have to wait. Contract providers may still be willing to renegotiate your contract part way through, if it means you sign up to a new deal and they retain your custom.

If you don’t get the deal you want, don’t be afraid to walk away and shop around.

Tip 4 – Try a SIM Only Deal

We all love getting the latest brand new phone, but do you really need one? Or, could you survive with your current phone for another year or two? If you think you can, then why not consider trying a SIM Only plan?

SIM Only plans allow you to pay for a mobile contract without having the cost of a new phone built in too.

At the end of your existing contract, you can usually pay a small fee to get your current phone unlocked so you can use it on any network. Some providers will even do this for free. You can then get a SIM Only deal from another provider and put the sim in your phone when it arrives.

Monthly SIM Only deals currently start at around £3.99 a month*. You can also get a Pay-As-You-Go SIM from 1pMobile* (runs on the EE network) which could bring the cost down even more.  

Tip 5 – Try a Family Plan

If you have more than one phone in your home, then it could well be worth looking at a family plan. Family plans give you bigger discounts when you host more than one phone or SIM with the same provider. Often, the more contracts you host the bigger the discounts.

We mentioned BT earlier and we’ll mention them again here because they offer some great Family SIM deals*. You can have as many as 5 SIMs on a family plan with BT.  At the time of writing you can also get a reward card when you sign up. You only need to have one SIM on a 12 month contract and the rest are on 30 day rolling contracts, giving you much needed flexibility.  

Sort it Out Today!

As we can see then, there are plenty of ways that you can save money on your mobile phone bill and lower the cost. It really isn’t that much hassle to sort out a new plan and the savings could be huge!

So, why continue to waste money on a mobile phone deal that’s not right for you? Take a few moments to sort a new one out today and reap the benefits for months – or even years – to come!  

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  1. Alice Megan says:

    I’ve just started a SIM only deal and managed to cut my bill from £50 to £20!!

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