7 Frugal Living Tips for Families


Sticking to a tight budget isn’t a reason to give up all the good things in life.  You can continue to enjoy fun times with your kids, go on fantastic outings, and grow closer as a family while you’re at it. We’ve curated these seven frugal living tips specifically with parents in mind.

Visit Free Museums and Parks

A family outing doesn’t have to be expensive to provide your little ones with fun, along with a bit of learning. Many museums have free days for children or offer reduced rates for families. Parks and gardens are often free to enter, and you can easily spend an afternoon of fun and games without spending much at all on the day’s outing. Skip the fast food while you’re at it. Most is unhealthy and even though it’s cheaper than lunch or dinner at a nicer establishment, it will put quite a dent in your budget. Make good use of your child’s lunchbox or rucksack, or pack an ice chest with a picnic everyone can enjoy together.

Make Convenience Foods Ahead

Convenience foods are tempting since they help you save lots of time, but the cost per serving is astronomical. Make your own pancakes, flavored oatmeal packets, waffles, fully cooked quiche, biscuits, and dinner favorites ahead of time and store them for later use. Having these items on hand will save you from the temptation to purchase convenience foods on a whim, when you’re busy and feeling overwhelmed.

Sell Unused Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers                     

Gift cards and vouchers are more popular than ever, but what if you don’t need or want them? Instead of letting them gather dust or sit unused in a desk drawer, you could sell a gift voucher* and other items such as iTunes, Starbucks, Tesco, and Sports Direct cards online. If you happen to like certain venues and want to save money shopping there, then you’ll find some good deals for buying as well as selling them.

Make Your Own Gifts

At one time you might have been considered to be a bit of a cheapskate if you started handing out homemade gifts to your friends and family. In recent years, however, it has once again become fashionable to be involved in craft making and because of this, the appreciation for homemade gifts and presents has grown considerably. What sort of gifts could you make? Food hampers are an easy gift box idea that anybody can tackle. You just need to buy some great little bits of affordable local produce – or you could even grow your own which we’ll discuss in a minute – and place them into a nice straw basket or even into a cardboard box covered in wrapping paper if you really want to keep costs down. If you can sew then you could also consider making a nice shopping bag or tote bag for one of your closest friends.

Apply for an Allotment and Grow Your Own Healthy Produce

If you haven’t already embraced this practice, now is a great time to do so. Among the best frugal living tips available is this: grow at least some of your own food to save on cost and to enjoy family time together. You can apply for an allotment at your local council.

Eliminate Television

If you are paying for television, consider scaling back your package or getting rid of it altogether. You can save a significant amount of money by doing this, and enjoy active games together as a family. When you really need some couch time, watch a DVD or use an inexpensive online service like Hulu or Netflix to get your fix. Want to be really frugal? Watch YouTube instead. You’ll be amazed at the variety you find there.

Swap Essentials With Other Families

Instead of buying brand new items, consider exchanging gently used essentials with other families. Many communities have organised swaps and you may be able to find online exchanges. If all else fails, consider creating a Facebook group for your community to swap children’s items.

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