8 Tips to Save £1000 This Winter!


With the aftermath of the Brexit vote now playing out and inflation starting to rise, the last thing people need is for the winter frost to start driving up their energy bills too! Unfortunately, as temperatures drop it is inevitable that we will see at least some rise to our winter fuel costs.

It’s not all bad news, though, as there are also plenty of things that you can do to bring these costs down and save money this winter and also during future cold snaps. Recently, I came across a visual guide which has been put together by the well-known window installation firm Everest which outlines 8 ways by which homeowners can ‘winterproof’ their homes and save around £1000 this winter. Not only this, but many of the winter focused money saving tips suggested in the following infographic will also be likely to add value to your home too, so they really should be taken seriously.

So, if you’re worried that recent inflationary pressures as well as rising fuel costs are likely to make this winter one of your most expensive yet, then why not think seriously about implementing the following 8 tips to save you money both now and on into the future!

How to save money this winter

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