Best Websites and Apps to Sell Your Stuff!

A Look at the Best Websites/Apps to Sell Your Stuff!


My wife and I have been having a clear out of our stuff recently getting ready to move on to pastures new. We’ve been selling off big items like beds and wardrobes and many smaller items like clocks too. 

Whenever I wanted to sell things in the past I used to head straight for eBay, usually with pretty good results. I have to say, though, that this time around eBay just wasn’t cutting the mustard. I have sold a few of our items on eBay but have had much more success using other platforms. 

With this in mind, I thought I’d mention a few of the pros and cons I’ve found when using these other platforms, to help you decide where to sell your stuff next time around.


One of my friends has recently managed to create a business out of buying and selling stuff. It was after chatting with her that I decided to try out a few other places to sell our stuff. 

Her top recommendation was Facebook and I have to say that I got a lot more interest selling on Facebook than I did via eBay. 

I basically joined as many local buying and selling Facebook groups as I could and started listing my stuff on them, as well as on Facebook’s own Marketplace. Within minutes, I had people direct messaging me interested in buying our items. 

One thing my friend did warn me about with Facebook, however, is the amount of people you get not showing up for things they’d promised to pick up. With this in mind, I decided to sell everything on a first come first serve basis. I don’t think this sat well with a few potential buyers but I didn’t have the time to waste on no-shows, so didn’t feel I had much option. 

One option I did offer to people who were asking me to reserve items was for them to pay via PayPal. In this case I’d obviously be more than happy to hold an item for them to pick up.

Overall, my experience of selling on Facebook has been a good one. I managed to offload a fair few items on there and at decent prices too. One big bonus is that I didn’t have to pay any eBay or PayPal fees to sell either!

Here are a few of the pros and cons of selling on Facebook from my own recent experience.

Pros of selling on Facebook: 

  • No Fees
  • Local buyers 
  • Active audience
  • Your friends will share your for sale items

Cons of selling on Facebook 

  • More timewasters than on eBay 
  • Commitment to buy only verbal 
  • No PayPal to get paid instantly unless you ask


Another platform I tried out was Shpock

Shpock is an app that allows you to list your stuff for sale for free, meaning you don’t have to pay fees like you do on eBay.

When you list your stuff on Shpock, you set the price you want and buyers can then get in touch to ask questions. They can also make you an offer too.

Shpock screenshot

The thing I liked about Shpock is that it seemed to be a bit of a halfway house between eBay and Facebook. I say this because there are no fees to pay on Shpock, which is similar to Facebook. Unlike Facebook, though, there is a legal commitment to buy once you’ve accepted an offer from a buyer. 

You can also get paid via PayPal when using Shpock, you just need to link your account.

What I’m not too sure of with Shpock, though, is how many people actually use it compared to eBay and Facebook. This did make me think that I might be limiting my potential market if I were to only sell via Shpock. 

The above being said, I did sell a couple of my items on Shpock and the overall process of listing and selling was quick and easy. I liked how the app worked and of all the platforms I used I think I enjoyed this one the most for ease of use and selling style. As I say, though, I just wonder how many people are actually using it on a regular basis compared to other platforms.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of selling on Shpock from my own recent experience.

Pros of selling on Shpock:  

  • No Fees
  • Local buyers 
  • PayPal integration
  • Slick interface
  • Buyer committed on acceptance of offer

Cons of selling on Shpock: 

  • App still growing so possible limited audience 


Don’t get me wrong, eBay is still a fantastic place to sell your items. With eBay I find that once an item is sold, you can usually rest easy knowing that you’re going to get paid and the buyer will show up. 

The big problem with eBay these days, though, are the fees!

In the past, I think we all just accepted the fees as eBay was the only real place to sell things quickly. With Facebook and Shpock now enabling people to sell for free, though, eBay must be really feeling the heat. 

Still, they must still be far and away the market leader in this space and therefore eBay cannot be ignored.

Pros of selling on eBay: 

  • Huge audience
  • PayPal protection
  • Great website and app
  • Buyer committed

Cons of selling on eBay:

  • Hefty fees to sell


While I have used Gumtree in the past to sell my stuff, I didn’t this time around as the other options just seemed so much better. I rarely look on Gumtree myself when looking to buy items, so that made me think that it may not be the best place to sell stuff.

That being said, I have picked up one or two bargains on the site in the past.

I feel that when eBay was the only competitor Gumtree stood out as a good alternative as they also don’t charge fees to list or sell. Now that there are options like Facebook and Shpock, though, I can’t help but think that Gumtree may struggle to stay relevant.

Pros of selling on Gumtree: 

  • No selling fees
  • Established website

Cons of selling on Gumtree:

  • Less traffic than alternatives

List on Them All?

Of course, you could do what I did and list your stuff on all of these websites/apps. 

I found this worked well for me but it was a bit risky, simply because you have to risk selling an item on separate platforms at the same time, potentially annoying buyers. That being said, if you make clear that the items are listed elsewhere and are being sold on a first come first serve basis, then it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

I hope you’ve found this short review of the different online selling websites/apps useful. Maybe you even picked up a few tips. If like me your go-to place to sell was eBay, then maybe you’ll now feel more inspired to give some other platforms a try. I sold 75% of the items I listed recently via Facebook and Shpock, so it’s certainly worth giving them a try.

Please also note that this post is based simply on my own experience. You may have found that some of the sites mentioned here have brought more success for you than they did for me. If this is the case, please feel free to share your experience below.

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