The A-Z of Saving Money Book Launch & Giveaway!


If you’re suffering today from the Monday blues then I’ve got something that might just cheer you up, A Great Giveaway! Today’s giveaway is for a HUGE $250 and also a free copy of a new collaborative e-book being launched today entitled ‘The A-Z of Saving Money’. The book is the brainchild of Top Personal Finance blogger Glen over @ Monster Piggy Bank. He along with 11 other popular and knowledgeable personal finance bloggers have been working hard for months to be able to bring you The A-Z of Saving Money. All 26 chapters of the book, one for every letter of the alphabet if you hadn’t already guessed, are designed to help you on your way to financial freedom and also show you how to increase your net worth.

What Makes This Book Different?

There are so many e-books out there that you might be wondering, ‘What makes this book different?’. Well this book is different because you don’t just have one great financial mind at the helm, you have 12 of the most followed personal finance bloggers on the Internet all sharing not just their knowledge but also their passion for finance all in one place. These writers all have different areas of interest and expertise within the field of finance, this means there’s guaranteed to be something in this book that will interest and benefit you.

As I’ve mentioned the writers involved in the creation of this book have some of the biggest personal finance followings on the web. How have they managed to gain their online profiles? They’ve gathered such huge fan bases because the advice they offer is credible and it’s put across in a way that’s interesting and entertaining to read, something you’ll no doubt find out as you delve deep into the book.

How Much Is The Book?

The A-Z of Saving Money is not only fun and educational but at $14.99 it’s also affordable. When you consider the time and effort that’s gone into creating this 26 chapter, 45,000 word book, I’m sure you’ll agree that $14.99 represents great value. If you’d prefer to win a free copy of the book then you can enter our giveaway in the window below. If you win you’ll also get $250 of PayPal cash to help you on your way to a new, more prosperous financial future.

Who Can Enter?  

Although the prize for this giveaway is stated in dollars, as long as you have a PayPal account you can enter from anywhere in the world. You will receive the equivalent amount of $250 straight to your PayPal account in your own currency.

If you love the sound of this e-book so much that you just can’t wait to get your hands on it, then you can get a copy here right now. As it’s an e-book your book will be sent to you via email so you won’t even have to wait for it to be delivered!

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