Age UK Car Insurance Review


There are many different insurance companies in the UK vying for your business, so it is nice to know a bit about some before you make a decision.

In the case of Age UK*, their slogan of Love Later Life makes it clear that they are in the market for more mature motorists. In fact, their cover is specifically designed for drivers over the age of 50, with no upper age limit on their policies. They are far from being the only insurer in this market but what is their offering like?

The Basics

With any insurance company, the first thing you will want to know is what they offer that makes them stand out from the competition. In the case of Age UK*, they have a number of benefits that are especially attractive for older drivers. One such benefit is the 24 hour accident helpline, which even has a message relay service so that you can pass on a message to relatives after an accident. In addition, you get a free courtesy car for an unlimited amount of time while your own vehicle is getting repaired, and you will get taken home too if your car isn’t roadworthy after an accident. Another nice touch is the fact that you can pay monthly without having any charges or fees added on to the premium. You can also choose to take out additional breakdown services, which are offered by Aria Insurance Services Limited. It is also worth pointing out that despite it being a company aimed at older drivers it is possible to add young drivers onto your policy if needed.

Other Points of interest

There are a number of other points worth bearing in mind when considering getting a car insurance policy. The good news is that the Age UK site* has a very nice site that has an informative FAQ section on it. You will discover here useful pieces of information such as the fact that it is possible to protect your no claims discount provided that you have at least 4 years discount and haven’t had to claim for an accident that was your fault in the last 3 years. However, perhaps most people will be won over most of all by the fact that it is so easy to get all the information needed and understand exactly what is being covered. None of us has the time to wade through lengthy policy documents these days, so it great news to see that everything is presented so simply and neatly on screen. This will make getting covered for the first time seem a lot less scary for new drivers or those now switching over from a company insurance to their own personal policy.

Getting a Quote

Since this car insurance is aimed directly at more mature drivers, it is important to see that the site is nice and clearly laid out, making it easy to use even if you aren’t particularly used to going on the internet. There are a couple of different options for getting a quote, both of them fast and simple. The first is to fill in some basic personal details on the site* and see how much you are quoted automatically. The internet quote process has just 6 simple steps but if you prefer to do these things over the phone then you also call them from your landline if you prefer. Those people who like to check out everything in advance also have the option of ordering a brochure online.


The design of this car insurance policy and the layout of the website make it an easy choice for more mature drivers who don’t want any hassle when arranging their cover. There are a number of interesting benefits to it and it is definitely worth getting a quick quote from them if you are trying to arrange car insurance. Of course, for most of us it is the price that makes us decide whether to take out on policy or another. On that score, Age UK car insurance* is competitively priced and offers the chance for mature motorists to get peace of mind at a very decent price and with no hassle.

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