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Age Co Home Insurance Review


In this review of Age Co Home Insurance, we take a closer look at the company to see if they are the right home insurance provider for you.

Getting your home adequately insured without any hassle is one of those things that make life seem just that little bit easier. One company that offers this comfort for more mature homeowners is called Age Co. This is an insurer that is all about looking after customers who are over the age of 50.

If you have reached that stage of life then they appear to offer the chance to get simple and fair value home insurance. Do they deliver on this?

The Age Co Cover

We need to start off by considering that no insurance policy of any type is worth anything if it doesn’t give you good cover. No matter how little you pay for it, if it doesn’t pay out when you most need it then it is a waste of time.

The Age Co policy makes a good start by providing pretty much everything that you would expect it to. This means that you get to choose from buildings, contents or combined cover to start with. After this, it is good to see that it is clearly stated as ‘new for old’ cover, meaning that any stolen or damaged goods will be replaced by brand new items. The level of cover you can choose runs up to £60,000 on contents insurance and £500,000 on the buildings side of things.

The Benefits

A very nice benefit on all of Age Co’s policies is that they come with the option of spreading the annual premium when you get a quote. This can make life a lot easier for you if you don’t want to fork out for a full year’s cover at one time.

It is also reassuring that this award winning insurer clearly states that there are no hidden admin charges on their policies for you worry about.

Equally pleasing is the low standard claims excess of just £95. This is the amount that you need to pay in the event of a claim and the fact that it is so low means that you can claim without any worries. It should be pointed out that subsidence claims and water damage claims have a higher excess attached to them.

A final benefit comes in the way that they will pay any cancellation charges which may be levied by your current insurer up to a total of £55 when you move to them.

Age Co Contents Features

The contents option extends to accidental damage to glass items such as fixed glass mirrors and glass-topped furniture. The accidental damage section also covers other items such as wheelchairs, chair lifts, DVD players, audio and visual equipment and desktop computers. Finally, it covers the replacement of your door locks if the keys are lost or stolen.

Perhaps an even bigger benefit is the fact that you can get paid for rent and alternative accommodation up to 20% of your claim limit if your home is made uninhabitable. You also get covered for personal and public liability as well as for liability for domestic staff.

The cover of personal belongings away from the home is also available as a policy extension.

Age Co Buildings Features

While we tend to think of the contents of our home as being more at risk than the actual structure, there is no doubt that good buildings insurance is just as essential.

The Age Co cover gives you all the cover you would expect, including accidental damage to things like sanitary fittings and ceramic hobs on built in cookers. As with the contents section, you are protected against liability claims and you also have the ability to claim for alternative accommodation when it is necessary.


This is a good, solid home insurance policy that has some very nice touches that are sure to appeal to more mature home owners. If you are looking for a new policy and meet the minimum age criteria then getting a quick online quote would seem to be a wise move.

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