Are You A Brand Snob?


With so much advertising thrown at us on a daily basis it’s no surprise that were all so accustomed to buying products that have the best packaging, best brand name & most entertaining advertisements. We could all save so much money on our shopping bills though by switching just some of the items we buy to supermarket own brand products. Yet most of us still refuse to do it! Why?

Are you a brand snob?

Where does this attitude begin? It actually begins at a very young age. I remember being in the dining hall having school dinners at just 8 or 9 years old. Even at this very young age I remember other kids being mocked when they pulled out a pack of smart price crisps or it was obvious their mum shopped at Aldi! As we get a bit older we then are forced to worry about the clothes we wear, the football boots we own or the electronic gadgets we do or don’t have! The list really is endless!

Old memories die hard!

As children most of don’t have the maturity to brush these kinds of comments aside and recognise them as immature. Surely now were older though we don’t care what others think about what we put in our trolleys at the supermarket do we? The sad thing is I think about 90% of us if were honest still do. We’re brand snobs! But why?

Attitudes we developed as children can stay with us for life and are very hard to retrain! Merge those attitudes with the pride we all develop as we become adults and we have a lethal combination. None of us want others to look at us and think were struggling financially so we avoid putting cheaper own brands in our shopping trolley! How then can we overcome our own snobbishness when it comes to buying own brand items?

Do an online test shop!

You might be more able to get over being a brand snob if you see just how much you could save! Why not do an online test shop? First of all do a pretend shop using your usual supermarket but do it online. Shop as you normally would and see how much it totals up to.

Now do the same shop again but switch as many products as you can to cheaper brand products and see how much you save on the total bill. Remember no one is watching what your putting in your trolley so don’t be shy!

I predict that once you see just how much you can save, you’ll take the idea of buying own brand products a lot more seriously!

Do the taste test! 

Now you’ve seen how much you can save, why not switch just a few of your normal branded products for own brand ones and do a taste test. I’m not saying you have to buy everything own brand because being honest some of them are not up to scratch but you’ll only find out by trying them. Start with products that always seem to taste the same no matter what brand they are. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Bourbon Biscuit, Custard Cream or Jaffa Cake that’s tasted any different! Try tinned veg products like kidney beans, sweetcorn and chopped tomatoes and see if you think there’s a difference. When you notice there isn’t and you have a few extra pounds in your pocket you’ll soon want to try other ones!

Have confidence & Be Enthusiastic!

We all have a friend who does the most random things but never seems to get mocked for it, in fact people even start to copy them! That only happens when a person has confidence in themselves and is enthusiastic about what they do. So be confident and enthusiastic about your money saving exploits. Don’t be worried about what others might think. Don’t be surprised if they even copy you!

7 Responses to Are You A Brand Snob?

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m not a brand snob at all. If it looks good and/or tastes good, I’ll take it!

  2. I totally get what you mean about kids teasing you if you didn’t have brand name stuff. I remember shopping for shoes at Payless when everyone had their Nikes. It was pretty sad since kids can be huge bullies, but I got over it. A lot of the influence also came from my mom, who buys designer purses. That one really affected me. I suddenly snapped out of it after realizing I couldn’t afford it.

    Great post!

    • Adam Buller says:

      I’ve 2 young boys and already dread how I’ll deal with this sort of thing when they go to school. I don’t want them to get teased but I also want them to have good values and not be spoilt. It’s going to be a nightmare!

      • shanine Buller says:

        Best way to compramize is no brand at all, no stripes is better than 2 stripes when you can’t afford 3. I remember the only time I ever cared about branding being this, I loved my home made clothes they were unique like me 😀

  3. Karen says:

    I used to be a brand snob, but now I try and go generic whenever I can. The products generally have ths same ingredients and are approved by the country’s food/drug regulatory body. You’re just paying more cause they invested more money in pretty packaging. It can be a huge price difference for some products. Remember, it’s what’s inside that counts!

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