Are You Still Wanted Down Under?


For a long time Australia was just about the best place in the world for any Brit looking to start a new life and enjoy new horizons.

However, what are the chances of you heading down under and seeking a new life these days? Interestingly, the stats tell us that since the end of WWII over 7 million people have moved there to look for new possibilities. The immigration figures have been relatively stable throughout that period, with roughly a million new residents arriving each decade.

While the number of new immigrants has dropped slightly since the high point in the mid to late 1960s, a piece of 2014 research concluded that Australia and Canada are the Western nations “most receptive” to immigration. One of the big differences between current and past immigration to Australia is that previously the majority of new arrivals came from Europe. Nowadays it is one of the world’s most multicultural countries. Having said that, figures from the 2011 Census show that the UK was the country contributing the second highest number of immigrants in 2008/9 (13.6%). New Zealand settlers accounted for 16.2% in that time and several Asian countries were around the 10% mark.

How Is the Economy?

Before you think about heading to Oz one of your first questions is likely to be around how well the economy is doing. Well, the good news is that is still considered one of the planet’s biggest and strongest economies. However, one thing to bear in mind is that the recent levels of growth across the country have varied greatly from one region to another. The strongest parts of the economy right now are in the service industry and in mining. This means that Western Australia and the Northern Territory are the parts of the country that are really booming right now. The latest official unemployment rate from that Australian Bureau of Statistics that I can find gives a figure of 6.4%, although employment rates vary throughout the country.

So, it seems clear that Australia is still a country that welcomes new immigrants and that has a strong enough economy to help make your dreams come true. The next question we need to consider is how you will go about starting to make the move. A good idea is to check out a reputable Aussie site showing you what jobs are most in demand.

State Nomination Occupations

One piece of information that could come in very useful for you is that are lists of state nomination occupations. What this means is that if you are skilled in one of the jobs on the list then you should find it easier to get a visa. The current lists cover a wide range of occupations such as software engineer, chef, social worker and primary school teacher.

Other than that, you could start to look for jobs in Australia and see which ones could be right for you. If you can get a potential employer to sponsor your visa application then it will be a big help to you. While you are looking for work you can also go online and work out your score on the skilled immigrants points calculator. This takes into account factors such as your education level and occupation. This will help you see how likely you are to be able to progress your application. If you are planning to move down under in order to set up your own business then you will want to check out the regulations for people planning to run a small business upon arrival.

As we can see, new immigrants are still wanted down under. If you fancy a new life on the other side of the world then it could be the place where you fulfil your dreams.

Would you like to move to Australia?

4 Responses to Are You Still Wanted Down Under?

  1. Australia scares me. Granted, I’ve never been there and the people that have gone to Australia love it, but there are so many things there that can kill you! haha It’s probably not as bad as I think, I mean I thought quick sand was going to be a bigger problem than it turned out to be.

  2. I have wanted to move to the Land Down Under since I visited Sydney 15 years ago. Then I went to the Great Barrier Reef to Scuba, also 15 years ago, and was hooked forever. Alas, I don’t yet have the income to survive there. Soon, perhaps.

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