AutoTrader Launches Free Car Listing!

AutoTrader Launches Free Car Listing


AutoTrader is considered by many to be the most well-known car selling brand in the UK. If you’re over 30 (like me) then I’m sure you’ll remember the days when AutoTrader was just a car buying magazine that seemed to be lying around the house all the time, whether your dad was looking to buy a car or not.

These days, though, things have changed as most people head straight online when buying a car. While the AutoTrader website still holds its own in the online world, it faces a lot of rivalry from online auction websites and other free to list selling sites.

Not only this, but many people are also preferring the no-hassle approach of selling to online car buyers like webuyanycar instead.

This competition could well be the reason why today – for the very first time – AutoTrader has announced that all cars listed on the site at a price of £1000 or less will now be FREE to list!

How to sell your car for free on AutoTrader

To sell your car for free on AutoTrader you simply need to enter your car registration and mileage on the AutoTrader website, price your car at £1000 or less and then list your advert for free in the normal way. The listing process is quick and easy – as you would expect from an established player like AutoTrader – and you can have your car advert live in no time at all.

Is it worth listing your car for sale on Autotrader?

If you are planning to sell your car for less than £1000 then the better question would probably be ‘why wouldn’t you want to list your car on such an established car selling website that receives a tremendous amount of traffic from would be buyers?’. Remember, if you choose to list your car for sale on AutoTrader then this doesn’t mean that you aren’t free to list it on other websites too. Really then, if you want to sell your car quickly, it makes sense to list your car for sale on as many high traffic websites as possible, especially if they offer free listing options.

What’s the catch?

If you’re worried that there might be a catch then don’t be, as far as I can see there isn’t one. Your free car listing will get you a two week slot on one of the most well-known car selling websites in the UK. Your free listing will also allow you to feature up to 20 photos. If you want to upgrade your listing to make it more visible to buyers then you can opt to do so with their standard and premium selling options, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Why not give them a try?

So, if you’ve been put off using AutoTrader in the past because you would have to pay an upfront fee to list a fairly cheap car, then maybe now might be a great time to give them a try now that they are offering free listing. You also won’t be charged a final value fee like you would get charged if you sold it via an eBay auction, so that’s another bonus to take into account.

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