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Although I’ve titled this post ‘Back to School for Boys’ to be honest – for me – it should really be titled ‘Off to School for Boys’ because that’s exactly what’s happening in about a week for my eldest son Isaac. He’s heading off to school and I don’t know whether to cheer for the extra daytime peace, or cry because I’ll miss him like mad.

I know that most of the posts you’ll inevitably read after this one will present you with an exhaustive list of boring, back to school essentials to fill out your shopping list but this post is going to be a little different. In this post we’re going to highlight what kids really want when they head back to school or head off to school for the very first time, specifically boys!

Back Pack

Forget pencils, forget polo’s, forget shoes, one of the biggest statements of personality your child will make when they head back to school will be their back pack, for 4 year olds we’ll substitute this for their lunch pack. Whether you’re carrying it in your hand or slinging it on your back, your school pack is the only thing that you can acceptably use to show your personality off to the rest of the school without getting hassled off your teacher. If you decide to wear jeans, you’ll be told to take them off. If you decide to wear a pair of Angry Birds trainers, you’ll be asked to remove them. Your back pack however can really help show the rest of the school exactly what you’re all about without landing you in trouble. So if you’re going to scrimp on anything for your child’s back to school experience, don’t let it be the back pack.

P.E. Kit

This is truly a sensitive area, an area that has haunted school boys for decades, the P.E. Kit. We’ve all seen the retro episodes of Grange Hill with boys wearing shorts that doubled for hot pants. Don’t let that happen to your boy! If you forget to buy the correct P.E. kit your child is more than likely going to be forced to wear something from the ‘Lost & Found’ box dating back to the 1970’s, destroying their credibility before the school year has even begun, every child’s worst nightmare.

Football Boots

Let’s head away from Primary school now and venture off into High school.

I’m sorry if this is a complete generalisation but most boys in the UK love football. If your boy loves football then the chances are he’ll be playing an awful lot of it before the school year is out. With this in mind here lies an opportunity to do your boy a favour and bag yourself some parent brownie points in the process!

If you can afford to, please don’t buy the cheapest pair of football boots on the rack. My Dad did it to me and it wasn’t appreciated! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for frugality and I don’t mind standing out from the crowd but I’d much rather my Dad had sent me to school in the cheapest pair of Umbro football boots straight out of the sale, rather than a budget pair of Patrick boots (Haven’t heard of Patrick? Exactly!).

Things have probably moved on from Umbro now but the principle still applies. The difference in price was only a few pounds but it would have made a world of difference to my school experience if I could’ve had a decent pair of footy boots. I know some things help to develop a strong character but other things just fall into the bracket of unneccesary mental pain and who knows, it may end up being a good investment if he turns out to be the next Gareth Bale.

That’s it for today but I’m sure I’ll be back for part two in a few weeks as I see how Isaac reacts to life as a pupil.

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6 Responses to Back to School for Boys

  1. Oh, what a sweet, memorable moment. I remember well the traumatizing days of having to wear $2 tennis shoes and the like. You just gotta have that cool backpack and the right tennis. It’s like oxygen! 🙂

  2. You have made the backpack sound way cooler that I remember in my school days…hahaha.
    Right on though, its one of those things as a kid you can really make a statement with!

  3. Laura says:

    We would have loved getting something from the lost property box for PE! As it was, if we forgot our kit we had to do PE in our knickers!

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