Basset & Gold Launch 3rd Series of Bonds to Meet Investor Demand


While the continuation of the low interest rate environment in the UK may be causing pain and suffering for savers, one potentially good thing that seems to be coming out of it is a wealth of new and innovative investment products that are being created to help savers and investors to get more favourable returns on their cash.

One good example of the new financial products on offer are the fixed income bonds being offered by UK financial firm Basset & Gold, which are connected to the fast growing sector of peer to peer lending. These bonds have been designed to allow individual investors in the UK to take advantage of the growth in peer to peer lending and the possible returns on offer for investors, without having to invest too much time in deciding who they should lend to and also managing their investment. Basset & Gold’s fixed income bonds have, in fact, received so much attention since their launch that the firm have now launched a 3rd series to service the demand that they experienced from their 1st & 2nd series issue.

On the success of their series 1&2 bond sales Basset & Gold Chairman, Dror Sordo, commented: “We are delighted with the outcome of Series 1&2 and its strong validation of our premise that investors are tired of over complex financial offerings that are difficult to understand and assess. We are excited to see that we are able to help our clients achieve their investment goals and find the bond that is right for them and we look forward to continuing financing marketplace lenders and generating stable high returns for our investors.”

Basset & Gold’s fixed monthly income bonds are available with 3 or 5 year terms and they come with monthly interest payments which are paid directly into investors bank accounts. They also have a ‘cash bond’ on offer, which provides increased liquidity and investors can enjoy an attractive annual interest rate that is paid twice a year, while still having the availability to withdraw their investment at any time, receiving their entire investment back within 30 days. As with most investments of this type, the longer you are willing to invest your money for, the higher the interest rate offered, with current rates ranging from 3.2% – 9.1% p.a. There’s also an extra incentive or ‘early bird’ offer for those who complete their bond purchase by 31st of May 2016, as these investors will receive an additional 1% interest at the end of the first year of their investment. Finally, you could also invest through your SIPP as some SIPP providers allow this kind of investment, meaning you can make use of the tax advantages of investing this way.

So if you are getting tired of seeing very little return on the savings in your Cash ISA and are looking for new and innovative investment opportunities which could increase your returns, while at the same time keeping your invested cash fairly liquid, then perhaps the Easy Access 30 day bond from Basset & Gold might be an investment that you will want to look into. If you’re happy to let your money be tied up for a little longer then there are certainly some attractive returns on offer with their 3 and 5 year bonds too, and this could be a good way to get involved in marketplace investment without having to put too much time into researching and maintaining your investment.  

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