Beginners Tips for Buying Shares Online


So, you want to get involved in the stock market and have worked out that doing it online is the best bet for you? Now all you need to do is get started. It isn’t as difficult as you might think and hopefully the basic beginners tips for buying shares online in this post will have you ready to do some trading and make some money in no time.

Check Out Some Sites

There are quite a few different sites now offering online stock market trading so you can afford to look around and find one that suits you. Clearly, you will want to find a site which charges a reasonable level of fees on each transaction. However, you should also look for one which you feel comfortable with and trust. We personally like the Vantage Fund and Share Account from Hargreaves Lansdown* as it combines low fees with great customer service. You could end up investing in this way for the rest of your life, so it is important that you choose a website you like the look and feel of, avoiding the need to move your portfolio at a later date.

Sign Up

This should be the quickest and easiest part of all. Once you have found an online trading site you are happy with, it will only take you a few minutes to register with them and get started. You might also want to take this opportunity to see what tips and advice you can sign up for. Some stock trading sites will send you daily updates on hot stocks and deals they think you might be interested in. This could help you spend a lot less time investigating before making your trading decisions.

Set Your Budget

One issue which might concern you is that online trading might be just a bit too easy to do. By this, I mean that you might be worried about the possibility of spending more than you can really afford.

The easy way to avoid this is to set your budget and make sure that you only invest up to that level. One thing you don’t want to be doing is chasing losses, so take the time to be clear from the outset exactly how much you want to invest in a particular stock. After all, the amount you invest is purely down to you, so you should take the time to work out how you are going to ensure that you stick to a budget which suits you.

Choose What Shares to Buy

Of course, once you’ve worked out how to buy shares online, the most important point of all is to make sure that you buy the right shares. This means doing some research and working out what sort of investment you are interested in. For example, do you want to buy cheap stocks which could potentially be very volatile or would you prefer to pay more for established companies which are likely to hold their market value without too many peaks and troughs? There are many different ways of investing in the stock market and it makes sense to find out about as many of them as you can before you make any decisions. If you’re unsure or worried about picking your own stocks then you might find it helpful to use a service such as Betterment if you live in the US or Moneyfarm* if you’re in the UK, as these robo-advisors will invest your money for you based upon your own preset appetite for risk.

Keep Updated

One of the huge benefits to buying shares online is that you can easily stay up to date with the progress of your investment. This is vital for making sure that you sell at the right time and move into other shares at the right time as well. You don’t need to spend all day every day on this but you should certainly look to keep an eye on how your stock is doing. This can actually turn into a pretty exciting and addictive hobby once you get started on it and begin to understand more about how the markets work.

6 Responses to Beginners Tips for Buying Shares Online

  1. It can be good to use a “fantasy” portfolio first to get the hang of things. Many companies offer non-trading accounts. Also Halifax Sharebuilder is a good low cost way of buying your first shares.

  2. There’s a ton of options when it comes to brokerages so I’d say just read some reviews on each of them before making your choice.

  3. Rhiannon says:

    I wish I had the extra cash laying around to invest *sigh*

    • Robert says:

      It’s definitely something you need to have “spare” cash for Rhiannon, as you don’t want to risk money you don’t have.

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