The Biggest Companies in the World ~ Where did they begin?


Many of the most successful businesses and multi-national chains in the world today didn’t start out that way. A lot of those companies started out small, with just one or two people running the show. When researching this post I came across a great infographic and just had to share it, you can see it below. But what is it that makes one company succeed where others fail?


One of the common themes that can be seen in all the companies mentioned on the list below is a clear concept and a clear vision. Some may have had big ambitions from day one and others might have found their expectations heightening as they began to see their business grow, but they all had a clear concept of what they wanted their business to be and a clear vision of where they wanted their business to be next week, next year and far beyond.


It’s true that not every company will be as big as Facebook or as dominant as Google, only a handful will make it to that level, but there’s nothing to say that your company won’t be one of those sat proudly in the palm of greatness. Where do you believe your company can be 10 years from now? How high have you set your sights?

If we’re going to invest our time and energy working to achieve a goal, then why not set those goals a little higher and aim to achieve them a little quicker? Have you ever noticed that when you need to be somewhere in an hour, you schedule your time – or waste your time – accordingly. If you need to be at that same place in 15 minutes however, both your speed and focus improve drastically to allow you to reach your destination on time. The same can be true in business. If we set our goals higher and aim to get there sooner, we will focus on the more important things and make better use of our time to achieve our more ambitious goals.

In Monday’s post about starting a business I mentioned Sir Richard Branson, who you can find on the infographic below. One of the standout memories I was left with after reading his autobiography related solely to time management. He talked of an experience when he was holidaying with his wife and family, on his own Caribbean island if I remember rightly! Due to the important business deals he had going through at the time he still needed to do some work during the holiday but decided – or more likely his wife decided – that he would have to limit his work time to just one hour a day to still enjoy the holiday. The interesting part was that by prioritizing the truly important tasks and working at a faster pace, he was able to achieve in just one hour what would have usually taken him half a day.

You can’t do everything

By nature I would say that at least 95% of business owners are borderline control freaks, we often like things done a certain way, our way! This can be a major stumbling block to anyone wanting to expand their business. If a business is ever going to be allowed to expand – especially to the dizzy heights of some of those mentioned in the following infographic – then sooner or later we have to start placing full trust in the abilities of others. No easy task if you’re used to doing things a certain way.

Anyway, my new time management plan won’t allow me to spend any more time writing this post so I hope you enjoy the infographic instead.

What goals do you have for your business? Please share them in the comments area below the infographic.

How to Grow a Business: When Big Companies were Small [Infographic]

10 Responses to The Biggest Companies in the World ~ Where did they begin?

  1. Pauline says:

    I love entrepreneurship and the freedom it brings but am really not the management personality type, so I doubt my little side hustles will ever turn into a worldwide endeavor…

  2. Great infographic Adam! I think a lot of it does come down to that vision & ambition. I am a big visionary and love setting out what I want to be able to reach. I am sure we’ll never reach the level of these, but it is still fun none the less.

  3. Everyone always has to start somewhere. The key is to find something that hasn’t been done before or a need that hasn’t been met. If you can do something better than those already out there in the marketplace, then you have a chance.

  4. Great infographic… I had no idea the domain for FB went for $200k. I think any business owner who wants to succeed will have their nose to the grind, it’s not easy. I think Richard Branson was smart to prioritize and get done what needed to get done. I have to do that now and if that means I don’t get to comment as much because I’m busy with my wife or friends so be it. I spend x amount of time on certain aspects of the blog now and that’s it. It’s likely not going to turn into a FB so I’m going to balance the best I can.

  5. Amazing stuff, isn’t it?? I love reading these stories about people who had a totally unrealistic (from a “logic” standpoint) vision, and then took that vision and kicked tail with it. Those kinds of stories always inspire hope that anyone can do it if they keep trying. 🙂

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