The Most Bizarre Car Crashes Ever


When the time comes around to renew your car insurance again it is easy to forget just how important this cover is for your financial security. With a bit of luck you will never have an accident or have your car stolen but the following list of bizarre car accidents shows how disaster can strike in the weirdest ways at times.  

The Yabba Dabba Doo Crash

A couple of years ago a chap in Roseville in the USA decided to try out an interesting way of braking. He had obviously seen too many Flintstone cartoons, as he tried to use Fred’s technique of braking with his feet. He failed. The cops duly arrived after his vehicle smashed into 4 cars before coming to rest. Most strangely of all, he wasn’t drunk, although he was said to be extremely tired. The police statement lamented his “moronic” decision and it is hard to argue with that description. Just to be clear about it; the things that people do in cartoons don’t usually work out all that well when you do them in real life.

The Toddler Crash

Can you imagine the shock of arriving home and finding a pickup truck embedded in your wall? It would be even worse if you then opened the door of the vehicle and saw a toddler sitting behind the wheel. This is exactly what happened to the Williams family in Grayson. A neighbour had been unloading from the truck and had left his son inside it. Somehow, the 2 year old managed to get the vehicle moving and across the road, where it rolled into the side of the Williams’ house, broke a couple of windows and left a big hole in the wall as well as damaging the vehicle.

The Flying Car Crash

Our next bizarre crash happened in Germany and it is a bit of a mystery. The motorist was driving along in his Skoda Octavia in the town of Chemnitz when, err, something happened. No one really knows what exactly took place but it was pretty weird. The upshot is that the Skoda landed on the roof of the local church; about 25 feet off the ground and the driver had no idea how it got there.  If you have ever driven along the usual route to work and then remembered absolutely nothing about the journey you will probably sympathise with the driver, although hopefully you didn’t end up doing vehicular gymnastics like our hero of this story.

The Life Saving Crash

We need to move onto Pennsylvania for the next weird accident, and this time it was a life saver. A trucker called Richard was in serious trouble behind the wheel but fortunately he crashed. A car crash isn’t usually good news but this time it was. You see, Richard was driving when the apple he was eating stuck in his throat. He then blacked out, his truck went through a barrier and as he thumped heavily against the steering wheel the offending piece of fruit shot out of his mouth. Crashing your vehicle isn’t a recommended replacement for the Heimlich manoeuvre but this time it worked out well.

Strange car crashes aren’t all that common, or they wouldn’t be classed as strange. However, having the right level of insurance will ensure that you are covered for both conventional and weird accidents. To get the right level of cover at the right price you should always compare car insurance quotes before going ahead and arranging cover. This is now incredibly easy to do on the internet, so there is no excuse for not checking out your options.

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  1. Adamn says:

    The idea of a Skoda flying through the air and smashing puts a smile on my face 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    I don’t insure my car, but it’s a s***box

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