Boost the bank balance with a spring clean


I’m not sure if we’re officially in spring yet, I think we are but as I stare out of the window the weather doesn’t really seem to agree. Anyway, let’s just agree that we are and if that’s true then it can only mean one thing, time for a spring clean!

We all need to give our home a good spring clean now and then but did you know that a spring clean of your home can also be combined with a spring clean of your bank balance, how so? Let’s consider just a few ways by which a spring clean could boost your bank balance almost instantly.

Start with the kitchen cupboards

Are your kitchen cupboards full of old tins of unused veggies, lentils, soup, spices, beans, half used bags of pasta, rice and spaghetti etc.? You’ll likely be surprised at just how many edible items are lying around in those cupboards. Why not try forcing yourself to use these items next week and cut a big chunk out of your shopping bill. Yes you may have to come up with a few crazy culinary concoctions but your bank balance will more than thank you for it, or maybe you could treat yourself with the money you’ve saved.

Make a little money

What about the other rooms in the house? As you go through all of your wardrobes, drawers and even your loft, you’ll likely be amazed at the amount of unused clutter – some might say junk – you will find. Rather than simply stacking it all neatly in a secret room or dusting around it, why don’t you make some money from it instead? They say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so why not test the theory! If you have anything of any value then it might be worth a few hours of your time listing some of it on eBay. Even if you only make a hundred pounds or so – which I don’t think is unrealistic – that’s more than enough to take the family on a nice day out or to treat your significant other to a romantic meal for two.

Stopping unnecessary spending

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve supposedly ‘needed’ some new clothes, only to come across some perfectly good ones in a drawer during a spring clean. You might come across that t-shirt you bought a year or two ago but never got around to wearing, a winter knit that is good for a few years yet, or perhaps your wife will come across an old favourite pair of shoes she has forgotten about. We don’t always ‘need’ new things, sometimes we just ‘need’ to take the time to look through what we already have.

You won’t be spending while you’re cleaning

Even just the time spent cleaning could prove to be a big money saver as you won’t be out spending money while your hard at work cleaning now will you. If you can somehow manage to drag the kids into the occasion with the promise of treats for their hard work then it could even become a nice little family event, a free one at that. Ok, maybe I’m clutching at straws a little with the last bit but you never know, the kids might just enjoy it and they might even boost their own piggy bank balance with a few eBay sales of their own.

So we can see that a spring clean doesn’t just have to be good for your home, it can be good for your mind and for your finances too. Whether you’re desperate for some extra cash or you just want to fund a special treat, a spring clean could be just what you need to help you achieve your goals.

Have you ever made or saved some money as a result of a good spring clean?

5 Responses to Boost the bank balance with a spring clean

  1. Kathy says:

    We downsized a few years ago so now I really don’t have much that I feel would sell. While I do have a few outfits that I don’t wear, I feel I need them for the unexpected funeral or wedding. I took a lot of my work clothes to a consignment shop after I retired, and we put quite a bit of stuff at the curb with a free sign. Perhaps I could have gotten $$ through a garage sale but quite frankly I didn’t feel the potential sales was worth the effort and time it would take away from packing for our move. While we don’t live a minimalist lifestyle, I think we’ve downsized to the point that we don’t have much left that anyone else would be interested in.

    • Adam Buller says:

      You’d be surprised what people will buy Kathy but I know what you mean, it’s a lot of effort sometimes if you don’t feel the need to do it. For some people that extra few pounds in the bank could make a real difference though.

  2. Spring cleaning, reminds me of the movie snow white where she have animals help her clean her house/ the 7 dwarfs house. Yes! a garage sale. An online garage sale is better. I like what you said “We don’t always ‘need’ new things, sometimes we just ‘need’ to take the time to look through what we already have.” Its like Sun Tzu’s know yourself first then know your enemy and you will never lose. Something like that. Your personal finance blog is insightful and is giving me an idea how to spring clean my house and finances. Thanks

  3. Susan Wilson says:

    Adam, I loved the point that you can’t spend money when you’re cleaning. So true – we shop when we’re bored. I like to clean the freezer, too, and see what creative meals I can make without any more purchases. Thanks for sharing.

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