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Bought By Many Pet Insurance Review


In this Bought By Many review, we take a closer look at what the company has to offer pet owners. We’ll examine how they differ to other pet insurance providers and also explain how their policies work.

As a pet owner myself, I know how much a pet can mean to an individual or family. We view the health and well-being of our pet as being as important as our own. I also know how much it can can cost when things do go wrong. This means it can be important to ensure that you have the right cover in place.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the different Bought by Many Pet Insurance* policies on offer, starting with a quick review of who Bought By Many are and why they came about.

Who Are Bought By Many?

Bought By Many started life in 2012 and it is a free to use service. The basic concept behind Bought By Many was to create online groups for people who have similar insurance needs. The company then negotiate discounts or enhanced cover with insurers or create their own policies, harnessing the power of group buying.

Do You Need to be a Member?

Yes, at the time of writing Bought By Many is a free to use, but members’ only service. To take out one of their pet insurance policies, you will need to join a group on the Bought By Many website*. You can access any of its pet insurance policies through its ‘Pet Insurance’ group, which currently has over 300,000 members.

Why Bought By Many Offer Their Own Pet Insurance Policies

As time went by, more people started signing up to Bought By Many’s pet insurance groups. They then realised that a lot of the problems pet owners were facing were coming up time and time again. Because of this, Bought By Many* decided to create their own pet insurance policies to address the most common problems for pet owners.

Some of these common issues included things like getting reasonably priced insurance for a pet with a ‘Pre-Existing’ condition. Getting a pet insurance policy where the premium was ‘Fixed For Life’ was another issue. They’ve also created a ‘MoneyBack’ policy to give money back to customers if they don’t make a claim.

Not only this, but they’ve created 3 products with different vet fee limits attached. These are known as ‘value’, ‘regular’ and ‘complete’ policies.  

In this Bought By Many review, we look at each of these policies in more detail. We’ll see exactly what they offer and whether one of them might be right for you and your pet.

Bought By Many Pre-Existing Conditions Pet Cover

Bought By Many’s ‘Pre-Existing’* policy provides cover for pets with pre-existing conditions, as long as they have been free of them for at least 3 months.

In year one of your policy, pre-existing conditions will only be covered for vet fees of up to £500. If you don’t make a claim in the first year, this will increase to £1000. It will then jump to £7000 from the end of year 2 onwards if you still don’t make a claim.

If you do have to claim for a pre-existing condition, then you will still be entitled to cover. The vet fee limit, however, will stay at £500 or will drop down to that level if you claim in the first two years. You will also get £7000 of vet fee cover for any new condition.

If your pet has a pre-existing condition but has been free of it for 2 years, it should be covered to the £7000 limit. Pre-existing conditions which have been experienced in the last 3 months are not covered by the policy.

Bought By Many Fixed For Life Pet Cover

Bought By Many’s ‘Fixed For Life’* cover has been designed for those who are looking for a fixed price pet insurance policy. The policy doesn’t increase in price, whether you make a claim or not.

You can take out this policy if your pet is below the age of two. The premiums won’t increase no matter how long your pet lives for or how many times you make a claim.

While this might mean that you pay a little more than you would with other types of cover, at least you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much money you are going to be paying out each month on pet insurance. The caveat is that there are limits on the total value of vet fee claims you can make per condition.

At the time of writing, you will be able to claim for up to £7000 of vet fees per condition and up to £20,000 of vet fees during your pet’s lifetime.

Bought By Many MoneyBack Cover

Now we come to Bought By Many’s ‘MoneyBack’* cover. This cover does exactly what it says in that, if you don’t make a claim on your policy during the 12 month policy period, Bought By Many will automatically refund 20% of your annual premium to you. With the MoneyBack pet cover you still get the standard £7000 of vet fee cover. There’s also £2m of liability cover included too along with other benefits.

Bought By Many Value, Regular and Complete Cover

Bought By Many also offer 3 other pet insurance products known as Value, Regular and Complete cover.

Their Value Cover* is their most basic offering and it covers you for £3000 of pet fees for each condition but this is time limited to 12 months from first diagnosis.

With Bought By Many’s Regular Cover* the amount of vet fee cover rises to £7000 and with the Value and Regular policies dental cover is only available for problems arising from an accident.

The Bought By Many Complete Cover* is described on their website as being the most comprehensive cover available on the market. It comes with £15,000 of annual vet fee cover and full dental cover is included as standard.

You can see a full breakdown of exactly what’s covered on the Bought By Many website*.

Do They Offer a Multi-Pet Discount?

Yes, Bought By Many offer a 15% Multi-Pet discount* for pets on the same policy.

Bought By Many Reviews

If you’re like me, you will likely want to know what experience others have had with Bought By Many. On this point, it’s encouraging to see that they currently have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the popular review site feefo. This is based on 11,171 customer reviews. Some recent reviews say things like:

Caroline – ‘Very quick and easy to obtain quote and cover with good multi-pet discount’

Nick – ‘Very easy process. Very good customer care. Very good value.’

Alison – ‘Excellent service, easy online claim form to fill out. Kept well informed by email/text at each stage.’

Karen – ‘One of my cats became very ill suddenly and passed away last month. Dealing with this company throughout such a difficult time was easy. They were so understanding and sympathetic and made the whole process as painless and easy as possible for me.’


Bought By Many have used their extensive knowledge of the pet insurance industry to come up with useful policy offerings for their members. The company has very good reviews from it’s current customers and it is continuing to grow at pace. It’s free to become a member* and then you will be able to join the pet insurance group and sign up for one of their policies.

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