Bulldog’s posts of the week #1


For a long time now I’ve been meaning to do a blog roundup as I haven’t done one for a seriously long time! So here is the first edition of the new Bulldog’s posts of the week which includes five posts that caught my eye this week.

Clever DudeShould My Teenager Get A Debit Card?

There are certain stages in the process of growing up financially and for a teenager getting a debit card is certainly a big and a kind of exciting step. What is the right age to entrust your kid with a debit card though? Brock @ Clever Dude ponders on whether his 15 year old son is ready to shoulder the responsibility and he runs over the pros and cons of the move, both for himself and for his teenage boy.

Cash Money Life3 Reasons to Help Your Child Invest

I have two young children myself and because of this I have recently been paying much attention to learning about long term savings and investment strategies to ensure that they have a solid financial future ahead of them. One important principle for long term savings and investment growth is that of compound interest. The principle of compound interest is covered in this post over at ‘Cash Money Life’ and I plan to write about myself soon too, so that’s why it is featured in this week’s Bulldog posts of the week.

Million Dollar NinjaGood Debt Vs. Bad Debt

With the amount of talking we’ve done on the subject of ‘Good Debt’ and ‘Bad Debt’ recently how could I not give a mention to Aldo who wrote a great post on the subject over @ Million Dollar Ninja this week. Do you think all debt is bad or do you think that there are some solid reasons to borrow depending on what you are borrowing for?

Frugal WoodsThe Water Bill Incident

If you are married or in a relationship then I’m sure you will be able to resonate in some way with Cat from Budget Blonde’s guest post on Frugal Woods. What is one of the biggest causes of conflict within a marriage? You guessed it, MONEY! In this post Cat’s hubbie lands himself in trouble for forgetting to pay the water bill.

Retired by 40 – Traffic & Income Report – September 2014 – My Actual Blogging Income

Blog income reports have always intrigued me for obvious reasons. This one from Gretchen over at Retired by 40 caught my eye this week because I noticed she mentioned her impression based ad network revenue, which is a revenue stream I have been giving some thought to recently. After 2 years of blogging I’d like to think I have a reasonable grasp of blog monetisation by now but when it comes to impression based revenue I’m still a little clueless as to how worthwhile it can, so thank you to Gretchen for putting those figures out there.

So that’s it, we’ve finally done it, the first edition of Bulldog’s posts of the week. I hope you enjoy some of the posts mentioned here and that you’re having a great weekend too!

4 Responses to Bulldog’s posts of the week #1

  1. Oh wow, thanks for the mention! I also enjoyed Cat’s guest post on Frugalwoods. I will make sure to check out the rest of the posts on this list. Again, thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for including Cat’s guest post! I agree, it was a great one :). I always enjoy posts about people’s relationships and their finances. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  3. Hey, thanks for including my post and for the pointers to some additional great posts!

  4. I’ve read a few of these posts and agree that they are great. I always enjoy sharing other blog posts with my readers to help them out any way I can.

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