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Reduce Operational Costs

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Business Operations

Establishing and running a business can be a costly exercise, and one that can take its toll on new ventures. This is reflected by the fact that an estimated 96% of all businesses fail during their first 10 years, which is an incredible statistic when you consider the number of ventures that are launched during each 12-month period.

How you can Recognise Fraud in your Business

How you can Recognise Fraud in your Business

Business fraud can happen to a company of any size and can be implemented in various different ways. When this happens to your company, your reputation, your revenue and the long term health of your business can be in serious danger unless you take action.

The Rise in Popularity of Smart Cards in the Hotel Industry

The Rise in Popularity of Smart Cards in the Hotel Industry

The hospitality industry is an increasingly large one, with a huge primary focus on customer service and providing a positive experience for both guests and staff. Hotels across the world have been implementing new technology to bring their establishments into the 21st century, both modernising their systems and improving their operations to ensure customer relationships remain strong.


Get Your Branding Right for 2017

The branding of your business can be responsible for a lot of factors, including its success. Good branding can result in customer loyalty and a high conversion rate, but how do you get to this stage? How do you build a brand that speaks for itself and brings in results?

Amazon Go Store and Logo

How Can You Improve Your Business With The Latest Technology?

Amazon have recently announced the opening of their first Amazon Go Store in Seattle, USA where they are trialling their latest technology.