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Woman deciding between a bank loan or P2P lending

Is the Rise of Alternative Finance a Concern for Banks?

The UK’s alternative finance sector grew by 84% in 2015, with £3.2 billion worth of investments, loans and donations facilitated in total. This has seen a lot of lending and borrowing taken away from major banks, as more and more individuals and businesses use peer-to-peer platforms and other financial services for their money needs.

person reading an email newsletter on their mobile device while on a coffee break

5 Ways to Get Subscribers to Read Your Email Newsletter

Email marketing is a very popular form of digital marketing in today’s online world. Everything from digital coupons to notices of upcoming sales, brands and marketers are taking advantage of the power of email marketing. And why wouldn’t businesses want to use email marketing?

protect yourself and your brand

How to Protect yourself and your Brand against Financial Difficulties

We live in difficult economic times, where business confidence and spending continues to plummet against the backdrop of Brexit and economic uncertainty. This has the potential to create a harsh economic landscape for firms, particularly start-ups or SMEs with limited resources and resistance to austerity. 

Export Goods

Your SME Guide: How to Ship and Export Goods Internationally

If you’re the owner of a small business looking to grow your brand, and make a big impact international markets, as well as your own, it’s important that you’re savvy when it comes to exporting internationally.

cash still relevant

Cash is dead, long live cash

Technological advancements are giving consumers a greater variety of payment solutions, designed to ease transactions and provide increased flexibility and convenience. But as the Bank of England reveals the new designs and security features of polymer banknotes entering circulation later this year, what role does the humble bank note and coin have in a multi-channel world?