Can anyone recommend a good web host? + Shout Outs!


If you follow Money Bulldog on regular basis you will know that we’ve been dealing with a few technical issues recently mostly related to blog hosting. We’ve also had a few other niggling little problems with things like pingbacks that we needed to get resolved. Anyway, I’m hoping all those issues have now been fixed but one thing that did get caught up somewhere in all of the past few months mess was our usual thanks and shout outs to all the bloggers who have been kind enough to mention articles from Money Bulldog in their blog carnivals and also in their posts.

Now that most of our issues have been resolved – Hopefully the Hostgator* Hiccup last week will be a one off! – I’ve finally been able to compile a list of all those people who have mentioned Money Bulldog around the web recently, so I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the following people and also to apologize for the delay in recognition this time around. I really hope you’ll continue to mention Money Bulldog in the future.

While I’m on the subject of Blog Carnivals I should also say that we recently signed up to host a couple of blog carnivals during the month of August so be sure to head over to and submit your posts for inclusion this month. As I say we’ve never hosted a carnival before so it will be an experience to say the least, I’ve heard there’s a lot of copy and pasting involved!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend and again thanks so much to the following sites for including us. Oh and if you have any recommendations of good web hosting companies, please feel free to share them below for everyone’s benefit!

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11 Responses to Can anyone recommend a good web host? + Shout Outs!

  1. I’ve been using BlueHost for about 4 years and this was the first issue I’ve had with them. I am going to stick it out but if there is another issue in the future I will definitely be shopping around.

  2. Host Gator is my web host and it’s been a great experience for me. They’re one of the best and offers the cheapest deals too. Now, that’s a duo other web hosts are having a hard time to match. 🙂
    I’m sure other web masters and bloggers would agree to me.

  3. Well, you know how I feel about it Adam. 😉 While I did not like the outage one bit, my biggest issue was the complete lack of communication about what was going on. With a company the size of HG, they certainly have the resources to deal with social media/client communication. I’ve been looking a lot at BigScoots. They were recommended highly by Andrea and REALLY like what I see. They’re a little more expensive, but seem to be worth it. I’ve had two chats with them over the weekend and they were awesome. I am thinking seriously of moving to them.

    • I’m with you John. Communication is key in any business and I don’t like it when companies forget that, no matter how big they are you still need to keep your customers happy or things could change rapidly for you. I didn’t get so much as an email to explain what was going on or how long they expected the problem to persist, not good.

  4. Hey Adam,

    I’m with Bluehost and they had the same issue…that day was a write-off 🙁 #crash Hopefully it won’t happen again for a long time!

    Thanks for the mention!

  5. Debt Blag says:

    I picked Laughing Squid just because it was the cheapest option when I started up with WordPress. It’s only been a couple months, but I’ve been happy with their uptime and their quick and responsive customer service. Also, I wasn’t part of that day when everything went down. Not much of a sample size, but take that for what it’s worth 🙂

  6. Debt Blag says:

    A follow-up to my post — turns out that Laughing Squid has no option for multiple domains on the one hosting plan. I don’t know if that’s a deal-breaker for you, but it’s making me re-think sticking around with them.

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