Can Money Buy You Happiness After All?


Money can’t buy me love, sang some young chaps with floppy hair. John, Paul and the rest were right as usual. Probably.

I would hate to argue with both the Beatles and a longstanding expression but could it be the case that money can buy you happiness after all? Let’s see whether having a better financial situation could maybe make you happier as well as richer.

Pay Off Your Debts

Having credit card debts or outstanding loans can be a huge pain in the backside. If you are in this position can you imagine how happy you would feel if you could pay them off? I don’t use credit cards now and I feel a lot better than when I did. To be fair, it’s not that I am massively rich or anything, so you can stop writing that begging letter. I just decided that for the lifestyle I wanted I didn’t really need them. We live in a fairly cheap country, though. If we still lived in the UK I am sure that we would need a credit card to get by now and then. I don’t miss my credit card at all now.

Buy a Special Gift for a Love One

There are few better feelings than that of handing over a special gift to someone. Equally, it is rather galling to only be able to give a cheap present when you really wanted to buy something better. If your financial situation isn’t as great as it might be than the thought of being able to give better gifts to your loved ones whenever you feel like it might be the incentive you need to get it into shape.

Take a Trip

Personally speaking, there is nothing I love more than packing up some stuff and taking a trip with my wife. Even if we are only away for a couple of days I come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world after a trip like this. By way of contrast, a few years we had some tough days financially and didn’t get away anywhere for a couple of years. I started to feel really down about this and it was only then that I realised how important it was to me to be able to get away now and then. If I had to face the future without the possibility of a few trips it would definitely make for a slightly unhappier life.

Buy What You Have Always Wanted

Ultimately, it all comes down to being able to do what you want to do with your life. I have never felt envious of lottery winners because I am not really interested in having that level of wealth. What I would like is to be in a financial situation in which I can spend some money without having to think about or sit down with a spread sheet and see if I can afford it. Anyone who has had financial issues at any point knows that it can be a horrible feeling to have to think over and over again before buying something you really want which isn’t really expensive. Being able to spend money without worrying about the consequences is probably the biggest benefit to being financially healthy.


My Dad used to always say that money can’t make you happy but that a lack of money can make you miserable. He has a habit of hitting the nail on the head and I reckon he summed the whole thing up in a lot fewer words than I needed.  If you aren’t happy with your lot then taking some steps to improving your finances could be what you need to start enjoying life again.

6 Responses to Can Money Buy You Happiness After All?

  1. Debt Blag says:

    It’s very true. There is definitely a non-symmetrical treatment of debt in society.

    For example, a man/woman who admits to picking a partner who’s got 200,000 quid in the bank over one who’s got 50,000, due to finances would probably get ridiculed to no end.

    However, a woman who picks a man with 50,000 GBP over another who owes 100,000 is just being responsible, even though the wealth difference is exactly the same.

    Uf…I think I need to start a series on dating while in debt :/

  2. dojo says:

    Money doesn’t bring happiness in itself, but it surely helps having it. I mean being in debt, not being able to go monthly from paycheck to paycheck, stressing about money won’t make you happy, while having some money in the bank and the financial stability to not worry about tomorrow would bring in some less stress. I don’t dream of being wealthy, I just want our family to have enough money for a decent life. It will surely keep us happy 😀

  3. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it would make me happy to have some more 😀

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