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Can Women Still Get Cheaper Car Insurance?


For many years it was well-known that women were generally able to get cheaper car insurance than men. In fact, during this time, some insurance companies created women only car insurance brands that specifically offered cheaper insurance deals for women. While these brands are still around today, due to an EU ruling back in 2012 known as the Gender Directive, car insurance companies are no longer allowed to offer cheaper prices to women simply based on gender and they also have to insure both men and women alike.

While car insurance companies and brands can no longer offer cheaper car insurance for women based on gender alone, they are still allowed to tailor their insurance policies towards women. This means that newer female-focused insurers like Go Girl* are still able to attract their desired client.

While female-driven insurers still offer cover features that are attractive to all clients – like Free Legal Cover and a Free Courtesy Car – they also offer features that are specifically geared towards the female market. Let’s look at a couple of these important features.

Child Car Seat Cover

It is generally accepted that after a car accident – even if it’s only a relatively minor one – any child car safety seats that were installed in the car at the time should be replaced, as they may have been weakened or damaged by the impact. With this in mind, you’d think that most if not all comprehensive car insurance policies would cover the cost of replacing a car seat, right? Sadly, research has shown that this isn’t necessarily the case, with a staggering 33% of policies not offering the cover. This is why female-focused car insurers like Go Girl* have made Child Car Seat Cover a specific feature of their policies, and state that they will pay towards the cost of a replacement even if the car seat doesn’t appear to be damaged.

Handbag Cover

Another feature that companies like Go Girl have offered to tailor their product towards women is Handbag cover. This feature provides cover of up to £200 if your handbag is stolen from a locked vehicle. For more information on exactly what’s covered and how many times you can claim be sure to check out their website*, where you’ll also find details of the other features of their policy cover, including what is specifically covered under their Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive policies.

As we’ve seen, then, while it is no longer possible for car insurance companies to offer cheaper car insurance quotes to women based on gender alone and while they also have to offer policies to both men and women, insurers are still allowed to tailor their policies towards women to offer features that might add value to their offering for female drivers specifically.  

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