Car Insurance for the Batmobile & Other Famous Hollywood Vehicles


If you’ve been to a movie theater any time within the last 50 years, you’re well aware that American cinema is obsessed with the whole idea of a super car – they’re tricked out, sometimes futuristic, and above all, they’re always super fast!

Part of what makes these cars so much fun to watch on the big screen is that we get to be removed from how much it would actually cost to purchase one of these bad boys, and more importantly, how much it would cost to insure them. A cost that would surely skyrocket once all of our not-so-perfect driving histories get factored in – yikes!

Below, I’ve compiled a healthy sample of just what these costs would be – without personal driving history factored – based on either a comparable vehicle or the actual real-world version. Unfortunately, this might shatter a few fantasies out there – I know it did for me – but we can all take solace in the fact that we can always have fun with these cars in a movie theater, if not in real life.

To kick things off, we’ll go ahead and dive into one of the most impressive vehicles to have graced the silver screen within the last few years – THE TUMBLER!

THE TUMBLER – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, & The Dark Knight Rises

This reinvention of the ever-so-iconic Batmobile played a significant role in the American fascination with the new Batman franchise – getting to see all of the new toys was absolutely half the fun! Typically, when modern cinema tries to change anything within a heavily beloved franchise they experience a lot of push-back from the fan base, but the Tumbler was pretty universally accepted and adored.

I mean, how could it not? It’s a stealth tank – just the idea of a tank that has any amount of stealth is kind of mind blowing. You know what else is mind blowing? The cost to insure anything tank-like.

Compared to: Hummer H1
Monthly Cost: $183.09
Yearly Estimate: $2,197.11

Now, factor in your driving record – eeek!

ASTON MARTIN – James Bond Franchise

Some would say that James Bond isn’t a “super hero”, but is that really true? He’s about as close, and as real, as a super hero gets – plus, they’ve made over 20 Bond films, so I think the dude has certainly earned a place on this list. Or, really, his car has – the 1963 Aston Martin DBS.

There’s been other Bond cars, but this is the one – this baby had ejector seats, it was loaded with various forms of weaponry, and smoke screens. While all of that sounds awesome to us, it would sound like a financial nightmare to an insurance company.

Compared to: Aston Martin DB9
Monthly Cost: $211.43
Yearly Estimate: $2,537.20

With my driving record factored in, I think I would be paying around – actually, never you mind.

THE FERRARI – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller definitely is no Batman, but he was definitely the hero and one that stands the test of time. I’m positive that high school kids today see this movie for the first time and go to school the very next day wanting to do exactly what Ferris did – skip school, get away with it, make a fool of the principal, and get the girl.

One of the most memorable aspects of Ferris Bueller though is – the Ferrari; if you remember, it was Cameron’s dad’s car, which prompted Camerson to say, “Ferris, my father loves this car more than life itself.” And we really can’t blame him, can we? Nor can we blame him for keeping this baby locked up in a garage where nothing could happen to it – just look at these numbers!

Compared to: Ferrari 430
Monthly Cost: $229.30
Yearly Estimate: $2,751.55

Have you been playing along and factoring in your own driving history? It’s okay to cry.

Whelp, there’s always the movies!

4 Responses to Car Insurance for the Batmobile & Other Famous Hollywood Vehicles

  1. I’m surprised the insurance rates are not higher for these cars, but then again not many people can afford to pay $2,751.55 in insurance per year for one car (I’m assuming you’d have another one to drive in more casual circumstances).

  2. Welp, I think that officially eliminates my pipe dream for one day owning an Aston Martin. Not that I’d REALLY be able to buy something that is so expensive and so impractical, but that insurance breakdown just puts it over the top for me! I’ll keep dreaming 🙂

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