Where Can I Buy Cheap Kids Shoes Online?


If you’re a new parent or are just trying to raise a young family on a budget, you might have noticed that it’s really hard to get hold of good quality cheap kids shoes! It seems to me that in the UK the most sought after name in kids shoes is Clarks, but unless you manage to pick up a pair of Clarks in the sale they are definitely not cheap! So where can you buy cheap kids shoes online?


If you’ve not heard of Vertbaudet* before, they are an online retailer who bring the best of french kids fashion to the UK including some cheap kids shoes! Don’t get me wrong a lot of the full price items on Vertbaudet are not that cheap, but you can pick up some great bargains by catching one of their high discount sales, or by using one of their many discount offer codes which you can usually find on their website. The great thing about Vertbaudet is that they are not only renowned for their cheap deals but also for their high quality.


I know some people are against buying second hand kids shoes and I understand why, but eBay* doesn’t just sell second hand items. eBay also sells many brand new items including kids shoes. They might be from an eBay outlet store or from a private seller selling items that are brand new with their original tags, but you can definitely find some great discounted kids shoes on eBay!


Matalan* also have a great range of cheap children’s shoes. By ordering online you’ll have a better chance of getting the size you need as popular shoes tend to sell out fast in-store.


Similar to Vertbaudet, Very’s full price kids shoes might not be all that cheap but if you manage to catch one of their online sales it’s possible to pick up a bargain pair at a respectable price. If you’ve never shopped with Very* before you can also get 10% Off your first order.


Amazon have loads of cheap kids shoes on offer from private retailers who only sell online. As they don’t have to pay the huge overheads associated with having a high street store they can pass those savings on to you. It’s worth comparing prices on both amazon and eBay before buying anything as the price you pay can vary significantly.


Asda has a very popular own brand clothing range called George* which has a great range of cheap kids shoes and more. Be sure to pay them a visit!

4 Responses to Where Can I Buy Cheap Kids Shoes Online?

  1. Michelle says:

    2/3 of my kids have foot problems and so we *have* to go to a brick and mortar….however, I’ve discovered that we can always go to a store and pick out/try on shoes somewhere and be fitted by the pros, but then look up the exact same shoes and sizes online and usually find them a little cheaper! I hope that’s not a rotten thing to do to the employees. I don’t do that all the time, because the kids grow out of their shoes so quickly that most times it’s not an option. For my 2 younger kiddos, we like Stride Rite, and for my oldest we like New Balance. The actual NB stores here have VERY knowledgeable staff.

    • We’ve done a similar thing in the past but then discovered that clarks actually sell the foot measuring device for about £7 which has saved us a lot of time and hassle. I guess your situation will be slighly different if your kids have a specific foot problem but it helped us.

  2. I’m about to go down this list and figure out which ones I can use here in the US! Those little feet grow so expensively quickly.

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