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The potential benefits of switching your current account

Nowadays we’ve all become well accustomed to the idea of switching our utility and mobile phone providers etc. with the aim of saving money and finding the best deal. Are we all as comfortable with the idea of switching our bank accounts though, especially our main current account to another banking provider?

Should You and Your Partner Get A Joint Savings Account?

When I worked in a bank I noticed that my customers from different generations had different approaches to managing their money.

While the older guys steered clear of credit cards and loans, the younger ones wanted internet access to their accounts and as many cards as possible. There was also a less obvious difference that it took me a while to spot.

Reclaiming package account fees: what you need to know

Package bank accounts can sometimes seem appealing, although it’s an extra monthly expense, they include all kinds of useful extras including mobile phone insurance, higher interest rates, travel insurance and interest-free overdrafts. However, if you have one of these accounts but the added extras don’t apply to you then you may have been mis-sold the account, and therefore be entitled to a refund of £100s – possibly even £1,000s.

Legitimate Reasons to Consider an Offshore Bank Account

Many people would associate offshore banking with practices such as tax avoidance, tax evasion or hiding money from your spouse. 🙂 Actually though, the reasons why most people decide to set up offshore bank accounts are much less sinister than that. Here are a few legitimate reasons why someone might consider setting up an offshore bank account and perhaps why you might think about setting up an offshore account yourself.

When might a CHAPS payment be useful?

CHAPS payments are something which most people have heard of at some point in time, but do you know what they are and in what situation a CHAPS payment might be useful?