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Clicking our heels: Are more of us going online for money tips?

There was once a time where the only place to get financial advice from an expert was at the local branch of a bank or building society. However, as technology has become more portable, accessible, affordable and more sophisticated, many people are looking to other sources for advice on what to do with their hard-earned cash.

How the Mobile Revolution is Changing the Shopping Experience for Everyone

It is clear that these days there is a revolution going on in the way we shop. Anyone who has a smartphone or a tablet knows how easy it is to shop from wherever they are.

This is an incredibly comfortable way of doing your shopping but have you ever stopped to wonder about the other side of the transactions you carry out? That is, what shops and banks and other card providers have to do in order to keep pace with the latest developments and keep their customers happy.

It is easy to forget that just a few years ago the business of buying stuff with a card was a lot simpler for credit card companies than it is now. So what have they been doing to keep up with advancing mobile technology?

What is the New ISA all about?

When most people listen in on the annual budget given by the chancellor, they are usually interested in things like whether the cost of petrol or alcohol is going up, or whether they can expect to see an increase in their benefits or get some extra help with the cost of childcare. In amongst all of these announcements changes to things like tax-free ISAs can be easily missed. But that is exactly what the chancellor announced in the budget for 2014, an aptly named ‘New ISA’ which will come into effect on the 1st of July 2014. So what is so different about this New ISA? Before we discuss that, let’s just remind ourselves of what an ISA actually is.

Should You Take Your Money with You When You Move Abroad?

I have a terrible, shocking confession to make; I played a big part in a group of British ex-pats losing thousands of pounds in Spanish investments.

It all started when I moved across from the UK to work in a Spanish bank. My job title was something along the lines of International Banking Adviser. If truth be told, I was there as a buffer between a dodgy bank manager and some potentially gullible customers. It was only shortly before leaving the place that I discovered that the investments he had been putting huge pressure on me to sell were nothing like he had described. When I tried to avoid selling certain products he and the area manager would put the squeeze on me while assuring me that the customer’s money was safe.

Has someone setup a fraudulent direct debit on your account?

Although in recent weeks my Monday blog has often been filled by one of my other writers or with a guest post, this week I wanted to share something that I heard on the news over the weekend because I feel as many people as possible need to be warned about a scam that has been hitting the bank accounts of several individuals.

What is the scam?

The scam basically involves people very easily being able to setup up a direct debit on your account to pay for goods or services that they have purchased or subscribed to and here’s the kicker, they can even do it using their own name and address.