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AutoTrader Launches Free Car Listing!

AutoTrader Launches Free Car Listing

AutoTrader is considered by many to be the most well-known car selling brand in the UK. If you’re over 30 (like me) then I’m sure you’ll remember the days when AutoTrader was just a car buying magazine that seemed to be lying around the house all the time, whether your dad was looking to buy a car or not.

FCA Report Warns Pension Providers Their Products Have Lost the Trust of Consumers

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I’ve taken a keen interest in pensions, having managed my own for more than 5 years now via a Self Invested Plan, which I now manage through a mobile app. This gives incredible visibility of performance, as well as peace of mind.

Leetchi Aims to Simplify Group Gifting in the UK

Leetchi Aims to Simplify Group Gifting in the UK

Have you ever tried to organise a group gift for a friend or family member with several people chipping in to fund it? I know that I have and if your experience was anything like mine, then I’d imagine the whole process of collecting the money from all involved was a bit of a nightmare, especially if those who were contributing to the group gift were scattered around the UK or even in other countries!

Infographic showing the percentage of people who have a will in place in the UK

It’s Will Aid Month – Time to get a cheap will?

If there’s one thing that most people put off for as long as they can, it’s making a will. After all, nobody likes to think about the day of their death, right? Unfortunately, though, that day is going to come whether we like it or not, so it’s good to be prepared for it.

How the new £1 coin is shaping the future of the UK

Just in case you’ve not seen, read or heard about the radical changes to the UK £1 coin, the shape is changing! No longer will we see our beloved ‘Round Pound’, but instead we’ll be carrying around a newly-designed 12-sided (do-decagon) £1 coin. As traditionalists in the UK, it’s quite a revelation that the Royal Mint have decided to change the shape, style and colour of the £1 coin – especially since it’s been in circulation since 1983. But why have the Royal Mint decided on such change? And how will it affect industries in the UK?