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Asking for Guarantor

3 Situations Where you Might be Asked for a Guarantor

If you have bad credit or you are a young person with very little credit history to your name, it’s possible that at some point in your life you might be asked for a guarantor to be provided in order for you to proceed with some financial aspect of your life.


How unsecured loans are being shaken up by peer-to-peer lending

Unsecured loans. There’s a tangible negativity in the name that can easily breed doubt for those not well versed on the subject. Yet any stigmas – or even automatic associations with less scrupulous credit providers such as payday lenders – are often wide of the mark. Instead, most lenders in this market are reputable ones who are offering consumers a financial option if they feel that this is the right thing to do in their current circumstances.

Getting a loan decision

3 Situations Where Getting a Loan Might be a Good Idea

For some people the idea of taking on any kind of debt at all is a big no-no. To an extent I can understand why people feel this way. After all, no one likes to pay interest on borrowed money and if you’re not careful with debt then it can certainly spiral out of control very quickly indeed. I personally don’t feel that all debt is bad though and I even feel that there are some situations where taking out a loan could make good financial sense. Let’s consider 3 such situations.

Gaurantor Loans

What are Guarantor Loans and why do people use them?

With high street bank lending criteria tightening up after the financial crisis, many people have looked for alternative ways to borrow money. This has led to a rise in the number of guarantor loans being taken out and also to a rise in the amount of companies out there who offer these loans. So what are guarantor loans and how do they work? Let’s take a look at some of the key points surrounding these types of loans.


Different Types of Loans – Short, Medium & Long Term Loans

When a person is searching for any type of loan, they can often feel a little bit baffled by the sheer range of loans that are on offer. And we’re not just talking simply about the amount of lenders out there. No, we are also thinking about the fact that you can come across secured loans, unsecured loans, homeowner loans, payday loans, mortgage loans and the list really does go on and on. We also have to consider the term of any loan. Would a short, medium or long term loan be best?