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Take Back Control of Your Finances: Debt Consolidation

It’s never good to feel out of control of your life, and that’s especially true when it comes to your finances.

Biggest causes of debt in the UK

Debt is a growing problem in the UK as more and more of us seek quick fixes to our financial problems or take out credit without considering the implications further down the line. However, sometimes debt occurs due to an unavoidable change in circumstance or even a tragedy. Let’s explore some of the main causes for this big issue in the UK:

Debt Ebook Launch – 10 Top Tips for Paying Off Debt

As much as I love blogging, sometimes you come across a subject which merits a bit more of an in-depth discussion than we would usually provide in a blog post here on Money Bulldog. One of these subjects is that of Paying Off Debt.

Could Your Council Make You Bankrupt?

Research carried out by accountancy firm Moore Stephens has revealed that local authorities are increasingly turning to bankruptcy as a means of dealing with unpaid council tax. The company looked at 190 councils in England, Wales and Scotland, and found that 32% of them have taken bankruptcy proceedings against residents in the last financial year – a fifth more than in 2009/2010.

Navigating the minefield of student funding

Student funding isn’t an easy one to get your head around. Even the most intelligent of students struggle with the endless forms, repeated questions and the back and forth with the loans company. So, we’re here to help you get through the process stress-free – providing you stick to our rules, anyway.