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Will Brexit happen? And its importance on the global financial trading market

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During the month of June within the year of 2016, British Prime minister David Cameron did something that not many people outside of England thought was a very good idea, in fact, many people still think that what David Cameron did was a massive mistake.

Wads of US Dollars piled up representing US national debt

U.S. Debt set to Reach $20 Trillion During Next Presidency

Despite boasting the largest economy in the world, it seems that we shouldn’t be taking any budgeting tips from America. The country currently finds itself facing a debt crisis that will surely have the next U.S. president sweating, with the nation on course to meet its borrowing limit around mid-March 2017.

Confused about Debt and Deficit?

With so much worry about the growing size of the UK National Debt, as well as the debt of many of the world’s other leading economies, the words debt and deficit have been thrown around a lot in the media lately. Politicians use these terms to try and justify how well they are performing with the economy, or how poorly the opposing side is performing. Often times, though, it can be a little confusing wrapping your head around what these terms actually mean and also what the difference between debt and deficit is.

How Long will the Greek Bank Crisis Last?

The Greek Crisis May Have Been Averted but Bearish Sentiment Prevails

The Greek Crisis precipitated a political firestorm in the country, with 39 members of the far left Syriza Party rejecting the European bailout conditions in the Greek parliament.

What are Capital Controls and how do they work?

If tonight’s news reports about Greece are to be believed then for the next day or more, Greece’s banks will remain closed and capital controls will be introduced. So what are capital controls and how do they work?