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Could the end of PPI claims affect the economic recovery?

I can still remember the day that £2000+ of reclaimed PPI money dropped into my bank account. It came as quite a surprise really as I hadn’t even received the final letter from the bank to tell me they had agreed to my demands. Where did the money go? Well at the time my wife and I had just bought our first house and it was a much needed and welcome addition to the renovation budget. In that sense the money went straight into our account and then straight back out again, into the hands of building suppliers and home improvement stores like B&Q – which was our second home at the time.

Will 2014 be a year of financial pain or financial prosperity?

With the US and UK economies both starting to show signs of recovery in the last few months of 2013 it has left many thinking that 2014 will be a year of financial prosperity. When we look at some of the news stories around currently though about rising taxes and the potential for interest rate rises to turn the screw on those already struggling with massive debts, it has left me wondering whether 2014 will truly be a year of financial prosperity or whether for some it may actually turn out to be a year of financial pain.

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How Is Crime Currently Affecting Our Economy?

Crime has a much larger negative impact on the economy as a whole than you might think, especially when you start to factor in the indirect effects on businesses and individuals. When you think of crime, you might immediately jump to what you see on TV, such as murder, or a crime that might often take place in a business, such as shoplifting. Although those can be serious crimes, they do not have much effect on the overall economy. Economic crime typically revolves around issues such as fraud, computer crimes, drug-related issues, and tax evasion.

Is Moving to Australia Still a Smart Financial Move?

In the past, moving from the UK to Australia was a common move for people who wanted a fresh start and the chance to drastically improve their financial situation.

In the mid 19th century people went Down Under to seek out rich deposits of gold. After the Second World War more than a million Ten Pound Poms migrated to Australia to start a new life under the Assisted Migration Scheme. Can you imagine setting off to the other side of the world to start afresh for a tenner?

Cost of running the NHS put under the spotlight

The National Health Service is a resource which millions of us find useful for one reason or another. Whether it’s for supplying us with life-saving medication, emergency operations or round-the-clock care while undergoing treatment for serious illness, without it, many of us would be lost, but in this climate of austerity, the way in which money is spent is being scrutinised more than ever.