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How to Pay for a Personal Injury Solicitor

The U.K. no longer offers legal aid for personal injury cases. Unfortunately, if you’ve suffered a personal injury, you’ll have to pay for legal representation on your own. The good news is that no-win no-fee arrangements mean you don’t have to pay anything at all unless your solicitor wins a settlement for you.

Avoid Accidents at Work with a Building Site Safety Check

Recently on Money Bulldog we have published a couple of posts relating to what steps an employee should take in the event of an accident at work. What about employers though? What can they do to reduce the possibility of accidents like these from happening in the first place?

Who is eligible to make an accident at work claim?

Having an accident at work which leads to an injury can pose serious potential problems not only for your physical health but for your financial health too. These could include a complete loss of earnings due to you being unable to work, a partial loss of earnings if you have to claim sick pay, or you could even end up having to change careers completely if your injury now means that you can no longer perform some of the tasks associated with your current line of work. All of these outcomes could cause you some kind of financial loss. If the accident was not your fault however and if this is able to be proven then it is possible that you may be able to make an accident compensation claim against your employer.

What to do Immediately After Being Injured at Work

While the basic procedures are likely to have been explained by your employer, it’s easy to forget exactly what it is you’re supposed to do in the event of an injury being caused at work. You might think the chances of such an incident occurring to you are minimal; and not worth thinking about.

But if something does happen you’ll wish you’d had a different attitude. Following the correct procedures can affect the outcome of any possible compensation claim you make. If you don’t know what you need to do, then read on.

Dying Intestate in the UK – What can Happen, and Why you Should get a Will Today

Recently, a BBC poll found that around 70% of people in Britain have no formal last will and testament prepared. That means that 7 people out of every 10 deaths in Britain are leaving their estate in the hands of the convoluted, frustrating and, at times, dangerous British intestate laws.

If you’re one of these people – happily strolling around without a care in the world – I advise you to read on.