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Mesothelioma? What is it and what does it cost the NHS annually?

Mesothelioma is a form of cancer that affects the Mesothelium, a thin membrane that can be found in either the abdomen, where it is known as the peritoneum, or in part of the inner chest wall, which is known as the pleural. There are therefore two types of Mesothelioma dependant on where the cancer is, peritoneal Mesothelioma which is in the abdomen and, the far more common, pleural Mesothelioma that is in the chest.

Clinical negligence should never cost your pocket!

Having to go into a hospital or a medical facility for any kind of treatment can be frightening enough. When you come out in worst condition than when you entered, or suffer from a serious injury or illness it can be even more frightening and frustrating.

Financial Implications of Divorce

Navigating your way through a divorce can be an extremely stressful process. As well as working through feelings of being hurt, upset, or angry, you and your ex-spouse will have to make important decisions like who gets custody of the children and how to split up any shared finances or assets you have. Use this article as a guide to learn more about the financial implications of divorce—and how to complete the process as smoothly and as amicably as possible.

Medical Negligence Costs the Economy How Much?

As the expenditure continues to grow when it comes to clinical and medical negligence the question of whether the UK can turn the corner often sees a negative response. A hot topic and one which has seen new legislation announced to make life harder for claimants, this is the time to improve standards and keep our economy safe from the growing bill.

2012’s Biggest Compensation Payouts

Accidents can happen anywhere, even to the most cautious of people. Whilst these can result in minor, treatable injuries, in some cases consequences can be severe and have a long-lasting impact upon the victim. An accident can mean having to take time of work and suffering a loss of earnings as a result. In more severe cases a victim may not be able to return to work and may have to make considerable adjustments to their lifestyle to accommodate their injury or illness. In these situations, claiming compensation is invaluable. Thousands of people successfully receive payouts for accidents and injuries each year, from something as small as a broken finger to something as serious as a brain injury compensation claim. If you are considering claiming compensation for an accident or injury, the following success stories from 2012 should give you extra confidence.