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Drawdown: Then and Now

This year Drawdown, one of the main retirement income alternatives to the fabled annuity, turns 20 years old. It’s also the year where Income Drawdown comes of age, as we see major changes to the pensions market thanks to reforms back in April, resulting in access restrictions being lifted.

Comparing drawdown now to how the process looked back in 1995 shows some startling differences.


Planning for Retirement: What you need to know

The recent UK pension reforms have been a hot topic of conversation over the past few months and many people will feel unsure about what the changes could mean for them.


Don’t get scammed out of your Pension Savings!

This April sees the biggest reforms in decades hitting UK pensions, with George Osborne last year declaring freedom and flexibility of access to pension savings. Despite the controversies and confusion surrounding the pension freedoms, a bigger red flag has been raised around the issues of pension scams.


Should you invest your pension cash into property?

The recent reforms to UK pensions have been much discussed in recent months and one of the main changes to the system is that those people aged over 55 will soon be able to take as much money as they like out of their Defined Contribution pension schemes at much lower tax rates than they would have been able to in previous years.


Confused About the New UK Pension Rules?

If there is one Personal Finance issue that seems to be baffling millions of people in the UK at the moment, it is that of the new UK pension rules that are due to come into force in 2015. These rules are set to completely overhaul the way in which people fund their retirement.