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Don’t get scammed out of your Pension Savings!

This April sees the biggest reforms in decades hitting UK pensions, with George Osborne last year declaring freedom and flexibility of access to pension savings. Despite the controversies and confusion surrounding the pension freedoms, a bigger red flag has been raised around the issues of pension scams.

Should you invest your pension cash into property?

The recent reforms to UK pensions have been much discussed in recent months and one of the main changes to the system is that those people aged over 55 will soon be able to take as much money as they like out of their Defined Contribution pension schemes at much lower tax rates than they would have been able to in previous years.

Confused About the New UK Pension Rules?

If there is one Personal Finance issue that seems to be baffling millions of people in the UK at the moment, it is that of the new UK pension rules that are due to come into force in 2015. These rules are set to completely overhaul the way in which people fund their retirement.

Retire in Peace: 3 Common Pension Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Your pension is very important.

Typically, it will be your sole source of income during your golden years and will pay for everything from food to any medical expenses or care you may need in your later life. With the average life expectancy on the rise again, it’s never been more important to make sure your pension is secure. One false move and your quality of life during retirement is likely to suffer.

Opting in to Workplace Pensions: The Benefits in a Modern Economy

While the British economy remains robust, this growth cannot be guaranteed for any prolonged period of time. Even though experts may be claiming that Britain is set to supersede Germany as Europe’s leading economy by 2030, this is based primarily on optimistic projections and the assumption that there will be no considerable decline in the future. With growth in the property market beginning to diminish, a period of decline may be closer than people anticipate and therefore something that could derail any sense of short-term expansion and prosperity.