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Where Are the Cheapest Places to Retire to?

If you are working towards a fun, healthy retirement then you will already have worked out that you are going to need to save a fair bit of money in order to achieve some great retirement years.

It can be a real struggle to do this but what if we turned the subject on its head and wondered whether you could get a better retirement on your current savings by living somewhere cheaper? Where could we go to enjoy life without spending a fortune?

Should You be Forced to Save for Retirement?

Saving for retirement is something that is high on most people’s to do list, but do you actually do it? New recommendations from the policy exchange seem to suggest that we don’t and it’s believed that if we are going to avoid poverty in our retirement then most people should be saving at least 6 times more than they do!

At what age should you be allowed to retire?

As the Chancellor today reads out his Autumn statement one of the main points that will stand out to many people is the increase in the state retirement age from 65 to 68 years old being brought forward to the mid-2030’s, with the possibility of it rising even further by the late 40’s. (Is it just me or does it seem a little weird talking about the 40’s in the future tense?). I know that the year 2046 may seem a long way off right now but the move will affect millions of people in their thirties and forties and there is no guarantee that these dates won’t be moved even further forward in the coming years. With this in mind then it did get me to thinking, what age is it reasonable to expect a person to work until?

Lost Bundles of Australian Cash

Finding Your Lost Super – Every Australian Should Read This

As Money Bulldog has grown from a local personal finance website focussed solely on the UK we have also attracted readers from as far afield as Australia.

With that in mind, here is our resident Australian contributor Raj with the first of two posts especially for our friends Down Under.

Superannuation is a word that regularly grabs the headlines of the business pages. However, there is no doubting that the importance of the nation’s collective savings pool is a front page issue. Why? The total value of the superannuation savings of Australia is a staggering $1.4 trillion. Makes that a couple of billion-dollar budget deficit look fairly paltry doesn’t it?

Planning for your retirement: How should it be done?

When we’re in the prime of life, thinking about what the future holds might be put on the back burner, but at some point, we have to wonder what we’re going to do as soon as retirement appears on the horizon. We’re expected to retire from work for good as soon as we reach our mid-60’s, but saving as soon as possible is ideal.

If, for example, you don’t have the funds or financial knowhow to save for your retirement, what can you do when planning for old age? Here, we have a few handy tips for you in order to help ensure you have the means to pay for all the basics and more once you’re ready to call it a day at work.