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Alternative Investments to Boost Your Retirement Fund

Growing old isn’t something that most of us want to think about, especially when it could affect our current disposable income, after all it all seems so far away. However, with the cost of living increasing and benefit and state pension provisions looking more and more unstable by the day, planning for your financial future has never been more important. When deciding how best to secure an income for old age, many people are starting to wonder if traditional pension plans are worth the extra investment considering the poor results they have yielded in recent years and also the volatility of the stock market. If you’re not convinced on the merits and reliability of a standard pension plan, here are some alternative investment ideas that might be worthy of consideration to boost your retirement fund.

Emigrating ~ What Happens To My UK Pension?

2012 has now officially been recognised as the wettest year since records began. It’s no wonder then that many people approaching retirement are considering a move abroad hoping to enjoy warm evenings, good food and sea views with the stress of work being a thing of the past. To make this dream a reality you need to know where you stand with your finances, especially what will happen with your UK pension which you’ve been contributing to for the majority of your working life.