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How much house can you afford to buy?

How much house can you buy?

This is a guest post from Pauline of Pauline left the 9-5 seven years ago to live life on her own terms, and is currently based in sunny Guatemala.

When I went to the bank to apply for a mortgage for my first property, I was given a straight no. The reason was, I was only going to be employed for the next couple of months, and even if the rent would cover the mortgage, the bank wanted more guarantees.

All You Need to Know About Tax For Landlords

All You Need to Know About Tax For Landlords

As letting out a property to private tenants is considered a means of generating income, UK law dictates that all such income must be taxed at the appropriate rate. But as is the case with all aspects of UK taxation, the system as a whole is rather complex and convoluted to say the least, though it must be comprehensively understood and worked in accordance with at all times.

Selling your house for the first time? Here's what you need to know...

Selling your house for the first time? This is what you need to know…

Putting your home on the market can seem like a daunting task. After all, it takes a lot of preparation to try and find the right estate agent and gather all of the necessary documents needed before your home can go up for sale. If you’re unsure about what to do to maximise the chances of selling your home, then have a look at our top tips below.

What the Right to Build act means for you, and how to get a Self Build Mortgage

The Right to Build Act, known formally as the Self build and Custom Housebuilding Act, came into force on 1 April and means local councils are now obligated to offer suitable, serviced plots to those who are interested in acquiring land on which to build their own home. Councils are also required to keep a register of these individuals and groups of people.

Saving Money by Doing It Yourself

If you are getting serious about investing in your real estate, then you know it’s time to start making upgrades. From installing rain gutters to re-doing the trim, assessing the foundation and making repairs, or even just re-painting, there are numerous tasks, large and small, that you can do to make sure your property’s value is always on the rise.