Could becoming a childminder be a good business for you?


Are you currently sat in your house reading this post wondering how on earth you are going to earn some extra money? There are no jobs out there you think, and even if there are how will I juggle being a parent and all the commitments that come along with working?  If this is the dilemma you face then perhaps you could consider becoming a childminder.

Earn from childcare rather than spending on it

For many people the seemingly ever rising cost of childcare can actually stop them from getting a job entirely. If you are faced with the prospect of only earning the minimum wage if you were to return to work, then after adding up travel costs, the money you may lose in tax credits and then the childcare costs you may incur, you might find that you will actually lose money by working. There are many people out there however who have good, well-paid jobs and they are desperate to return to them, for these people childcare is a necessity. So could you flip your own situation on its head by taking advantage of this need? Could you return to work by earning money looking after other people’s kids and at the same time negate the need to pay for childcare yourself? Becoming a childminder could allow you to do just that.

Do your research  

Before you start delivering leaflets there are some things you’ll need to do if you want to become a childminder. The requirements and qualifications needed to become a childminder change from time to time so the best things to do is to nip onto your local councils website and do some research. An even better idea would be to find the phone number of the relevant local authority department, ring them up and start asking questions. You’ll likely find out more in a 5 minute phone call than you would in a few hours trawling through the online info, some of which could well be out of date.

You’ll want to ask what qualifications you’ll need to get started or if there are any workshops you will need to attend, also ask about the costs of these. Ask if there are any start up grants currently available. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get registered to become a childminder but even though the costs aren’t huge they could still be prohibitive, so it’s best to write each individual cost down and make sure that it’s affordable for you.

It’s not just sitting at home

It’s also good to be realistic about what you might be getting into. As Sharon Parry explains in her top selling book ‘Becoming a Childminder’, it’s not just a case of sitting at home watching the TV with a few kids. It would be good to view it more as a child development role than a babysitting one. You’ll probably have to spend money on trips out, equipment for craft activities and if you’re going to be doing the school run then you may even have to fork out for a bigger and more practical vehicle, all important costs to take into consideration.

I don’t want to put a downer on the idea of childminding for money but it is always good to be realistic. For some people though it could be a career match made in heaven, allowing them to still be at home while their kids grow up and earn a good living in the process.

Have you or has anyone you know ever been a childminder? Do you think it could be a good career prospect? 

2 Responses to Could becoming a childminder be a good business for you?

  1. Interesting idea- not having to pay for childcare WHILE bringing in some income.

  2. Michael says:

    What qualifications do I need to be s child minder ? And is being nearly 43 make any difference in me getting the training and qualifications I need.I’m not in work haven’t been for quite sometime now(through medical reasons terminal illness since I was 19/20 so you see it’s been a life time nearly.just little about my circumstances.should I just not explore this carear path or do I stand same chance ad eanyone else that apply themselves to change careres so late in life??’ if you think u can help me be much appreciated

    Yours sincerely

    Mr M R Hardwicke

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