Could Learning a Foreign Language Give You a Better Career?


If you are stuck in a bit of financial rut then maybe you are looking for ways to increase your earning potential? There are a few ways in which you could do this but perhaps you haven’t yet thought of learning a foreign language. The following are some of the ways in which this approach could help you earn more cash.

Qualify for More Jobs

Is there anything more depressing in life than looking through a list of jobs and not being qualified to even apply for any of them? The more positions you are a good fit for the more chance you have of landing a great job with a handsome salary. You might be surprised at how many new types of job you could apply for once you learn another tongue well. As well as obvious stuff like being a translator or a language teacher you could also consider jobs offering customer service to foreign customers, liaison positions in multinational firms and a multitude of other jobs. It might be just what you need to open up your horizons and let you find a better paying job than your current one.

Impress Employers

When you go for a job interview the person at the other end of the table wants to see as many positive things about you as possible. Even if the job is completely unrelated to the foreign language you have learned, the fact that you learned it is another point in your favour. This can also give you a talking point during the interview which lets you establish a bond with your interviewer and start to relax. Impressing and intriguing your potential new boss in this way could be the little extra you need to get given a job which you might otherwise have lost out on.

Become Geographically Mobile

If you can’t find a position to satisfy you at home then maybe it is time to look abroad. There are all sorts of jobs up for grabs across the world and one which is perfect for you could be waiting on you. Moving from the UK to another EU country is particularly easy to do these days and doesn’t involve much of a risk either. Even if you only plan to stay abroad for a year or two, using your language skills to do something like this could increase your earning prospects for the rest of your career. You are sure to learn a lot of new skills while you are abroad and this will make you more attractive to employers when you move back home again.

Increase Your Confidence

Finally, the last point is intangible but very important. The more new skills you pick up in life the more confident about yourself you can become. No one ever said that learning a new language is easy, but the fact that it is tough means that you will feel great about having done it. We all love to look back on something we have done for the first time and feel amazed that we managed to do it successfully. If you have been doing the same sort of job for a number of years and living the same sort of lifestyle then you might have lost a bit of self confidence along the way. By opening up your mind to something new and challenging like learning a language you will show yourself that you are capable of doing a lot more in the future. This might be just the boost you need to persuade you to apply for high paying jobs you might not have considered before.

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10 Responses to Could Learning a Foreign Language Give You a Better Career?

  1. Thanks for the mention, Robert! We’ve dabbled around the house here with learning Spanish a bit, but I often think about getting serious and teaching/learning a second language, probably German or Spanish, fluently. Such a great skill to have!

  2. Daisy Coleman says:

    Learning a language is a really good idea, for your personal and professional life. I wish I could learn a language but I am terrible at languages, maybe I will try when I’m older!

    • Robert Bell says:

      You should give it a try Daisy if it interests you. Having a genuine interest in learning is the only real qualification for language learning

  3. moneystepper says:

    We moved to France a year ago with work and whilst it is too early to say whether learning a foreign language will improve my career in the long term, it has certainly improved my personal life and is something I will always be glad that I did.

    There are some companies in the UK near where we live with a large presence in France, so maybe this might open some avenues in the future.

  4. The fact that I’ve studied so many languages literally got me a job once; my resume stuck out of the stack, he said, because I should be working for the CIA, not his company. But he hired me. And, no, I didn’t use a single one of those languages in the position. The skill was irrelevant. But it was interesting.

    I’m currently studying Spanish, both for travel and because in my region of the world it’s a language that can really increase your earning potential as our country becomes more and more bilingual.

    • Robert Bell says:

      That’s a nice story FF. I think that being able to speak languages can make you stick out. As you say, it doesn’t even matter if the skill is relevant to the job in question. Spanish is a great language to learn and I am sure you will enjoy using it

  5. Learning a foreign language certainly gives one an edge career wise…opportunities might crop up that require the language and you get to easily seize them. If not for that, it does improve the quality of our life for the sheer way it exposes our minds to new cultures and writings.

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