Could Sunday Delivery Soon Become the Norm?


We’ve all become accustomed to Next Day Delivery and Click & Collect delivery by now, haven’t we? If you live in London then you might even be getting used to Same Day Delivery or 2 Hour Delivery times at no extra cost if you use Amazon Prime. For the rest of us though, Next Day Delivery has been as much as we could have hoped for when shopping online and even then it was usually a Monday to Saturday thing. Recently however, I’ve started to notice a lot more companies offering Sunday Delivery as an option.

This weekend, we had some friends over to stay and they were quite taken aback when I mentioned that we had a delivery due on Sunday morning. ‘On a Sunday?!’ they said with an astonished look in their eye. Of course, this is something I’ve gotten used to recently with my Amazon Prime membership, but I think it’s fair to say that the very idea of a Sunday delivery is still quite foreign to many of us.

When looking online today I noticed that Argos also now have a ‘Fast Track Delivery’ service available, which allows you to order items online and have them delivered on the same day – even on a Sunday – so this shows that many more retailers are now cottoning on to the idea that customers may soon be expecting this kind of delivery option and that if it’s not available, they may decide to shop somewhere else. For me personally, Sunday Next Day Delivery is a service that I’ve opted for quite a few times as I’ve found myself in need of items at the last minute, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised when they’ve shown up on the specified day. 🙂

So could Sunday delivery soon become the norm? I think it probably will. As online shopping retailers compete for business through various deals and offers, you would imagine that not also competing with the delivery services they offer would prove to be a massive mistake.

Sunday delivery isn’t the only innovation in delivery options being offered by online retailers that I’ve seen recently either. As mentioned earlier we have the Amazon Prime service, which offers free next day delivery for a whole year as one of its benefits and this subscription delivery model is one which I’ve started to see other companies adopt too, offering a yearly subscription service to give their regular shoppers a better deal on delivery. One example of this is ASOS’s ‘Premier Delivery’ service, where they offer unlimited next-day delivery or nominated day delivery with no minimum order value for a whole year for just £9.95. This kind of yearly subscription delivery package will obviously have benefits for the customer if they shop with ASOS regularly but it will also benefit the retailer too, as customers will be more likely to order from that retailer again and again to get the most from their subscription and to save money on online shopping delivery costs.

It does seem then that paying through the nose to have online shopping items delivered to you in a speedy and convenient manner – even on a Sunday – may well be a thing of the past. If you find yourself panicking on a Saturday morning because you’ve realised that you need a new pair of football boots for Sunday’s game, then you no longer need to rush out to the shops to get what you need, as there are a variety of online outlets now beginning to offer Sunday Next Day Delivery as an option, and at a price which might no longer cost you an arm and a leg!

Do you still find Sunday deliveries a little strange?

One Response to Could Sunday Delivery Soon Become the Norm?

  1. Scott says:

    I do find them a bit strange, but think it’s the way forward. If online retailers are to compete properly with high street stores they need to be able to deliver items whenever their competition is open for business.

    We’re moving to a 24/7 world, so only right that deliveries should be across those days too. Plus for those of us who work Monday to Friday having an extra day for deliveries on a weekend is great!

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